Thermoelectric materials 2000-- the next generation materials for small-scale refrigeration and power generation applications [electronic resource]. editors, Terry M. Tritt ... [et al.].

Warrendale, Pa. : Materials Research Society, c2001.
MRS proceedings ; v. 626
MRS proceedings ; v. 626
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Thermoelectric materials -- Congresses.
Thermoelectric generators -- Materials -- Congresses.
Thermoelectric cooling -- Materials -- Congresses.
Thermoelectric apparatus and appliances -- Congresses.
Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery -- Materials -- Congresses.
Electric power production -- Materials -- Congresses.
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Doping Studies of n-Type CsBi4Te6 Thermoelectric Materials
Thermoelectric Properties of Doped Iron Disilicide
Thermopower of Bi Nanowire Array Composites
Experimental Investigation of Thin Film InGaAsP Coolers
Epitaxial Growth and Thermoelectric Properties of Bi2Te3 Based Low Dimensional Structures
Synthesis and Physical Properties of Skutterudite Superlattices
Thermoelectric Properties of PbSr(Se,Te)-Based Low Dimensional Structures
Thermoelectric Figure of Merit, ZT, of Single Crystal Pentatellurides (MTe5-x Sex : M = Hf, Zr and x = 0, 0.25)
Thermoelectric Properties of Selenide Spinels
Thermoelectric Properties of Tl9BiTe6/Tl9BiSe6 Solid Solutions
Investigations of Solid Solutions of CsBi4Te6
Carrier Pocket Engineering for the Design of Low Dimensional Thermoelectrics with High Z3DT
Effect of Substitutional Doping on the Thermal Conductivity of Ti-Based Half-Heusler Compounds
High Temperature Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Quasicrystalline Al70.8Pd20.9Mn8.3
Electronic Structure of CsBi4Te6
Where Should We Look For High ZT Materials: Suggestions From Theory
Enhancement of Power Factor in a Thermoelectric Composite with a Periodic Microstructure
Investigation of the Thermal Conductivity of the Pentatellurides (Hf1-xZrxTe5) Using the Parallel Thermal Conductance Technique
Compositional and structural modifications in Ternary and Quaternary Bismuth ChalcogenIdes and Their Thermoelectric Properties
Exploring Complex Chalcogenides For Thermoelectric Applications
Semiconductors With Tetrahedral Anions as Potential Thermoelectric Materials
Lattice Dynamics Study of Anisotropic Heat Conduction in Superlattices
Thermal Conductivity of Bi/Sb Superlattice
Processing, Characterization, and Measurement of the Seebeck Coefficient of Bismuth Microwire Array Composites
Upper Limitation to the Performance of Single-Barrier Thermionic Emission Cooling
Electrodeposition of Bi2Te3 Nanowire Composites
Artificially Atomic-scale Ordered Superlattice Alloys for Thermoelectric Applications
Effects of the Addition of Rhenium on the Thermoelectric Properties of the AlPdMn Quasicrystalline System
Theoretical Evaluation of the Thermal Conductivity in Framework (Clathrate) Semiconductors
Connections between Crystallographic Data and New Thermoelectric Compounds
Electric and Thermoelectric Properties of Quantum Wires Based on Bismuth Semimetal and Its Alloys
Umklapp Scattering and Heat Conductivity of Superlattices
Transport Properties of the Doped Thermoelectric Material K2Bi8-xSbxSe13
Structural Properties of Strain Symmetrized Silicon Germanium (111) Superlattices
High-Z Lanthanum-Cerium Hexaborate Thin Films for Low-Temperature Applications
Ultrasound Studies of Clathrate Thermoelectrics
Structure and Thermoelectric Properties of New Quaternary Tin and Lead Bismuth Selenides, K1+xM4-2xBi7+xSe15 (M = Sn, Pb) and K1-xSn5-xBi11+xSe22
Characterization of New Materials in a Four-Sample Thermoelectric Measurement System
Crystal Growth of Ternary and Quaternary Alkali Metal Bismuth Chalcogenides Using Bridgman Technique.
Thermoelectric Properties of Some Cobalt Phosphide-Arsenide Compounds
The Influence of Ni on the Transport Properties of CoSb3
The Synthesis of Metastable Skutterudites and Crystalline Superlattices
How Cerium Filling Fraction Influences Thermal Factors and Magnetism in CeyFe4-xNixSb12
Partially-Filled Skutterudites: Optimizing the Thermoelectric Properties
Bulk Synthesis of Completely and Partially Sn Filled CoSb3 Using the Multilayer Repeat Method
Electrochemical Deposition of (Bi,Sb)2Te3 for Thermoelectric Microdevices
Progress in the Development of Segmented Thermoelectric Unicouples at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Framework Stoichiometry and Electrical Conductivity of Si-Ge Based Structure-I Clathrates
Synthesis and Characterization of Large Single Crystals of Silicon and Germanium Clathrate-II Compounds and a New Tin Compound with Clathrate Layers
Transient Thermoelectric Cooling of Thin Film Devices
P-type (SiGe) Si Superlattice Cooler
Thermal Conductiviy of Type I And II Clathrate Compounds
Structural Defects in a Partially-Filled Skutterudite
Optimization of Bismuth Nanowire Arrays by Electrochemical Deposition
Evaluation of a Thermoelectric Device Utilizing Porous Medium.
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"Published proceedings articles from Symposium Z from the 2000 MRS Spring Meeting."
Issued as part of the MRS online proceedings library.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Tritt, Terry M.
Materials Research Society. Meeting (2000 : San Francisco, Calif.). Symposium Z.
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