Combinatorial Optimization and Applications [electronic resource] : Third International Conference, COCOA 2009, Huangshan, China, June 10-12, 2009, Proceedings / edited by Ding-Zhu Du, Xiaodong Hu, Panos M. Pardalos.

1st ed. 2009.
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications, COCOA 2009, held in Huangshan, China, in June 2009. The 50 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 103 submissions. The papers feature original research in the areas of combinatorial optimization - both theoretical issues and and applications motivated by real-world problems thus showing convincingly the usefulness and efficiency of the algorithms discussed in a practical setting.
Algorithms for Network Design
Polynomial Approximation Schemes for the Max-Min Allocation Problem under a Grade of Service Provision
A Linear Time Algorithm for Computing the Most Reliable Source on a Tree with Faulty Vertices
A 5/3-Approximation Algorithm for Joint Replenishment with Deadlines
A PTAS for Node-Weighted Steiner Tree in Unit Disk Graphs
DNA Library Screening, Pooling Design and Unitary Spaces
Improved Algorithms for the Gene Team Problem
Linear Coherent Bi-cluster Discovery via Line Detection and Sample Majority Voting
Combinatorics and Its Applications
Generalized Russian Cards Problem
Computing the Transitive Closure of a Union of Affine Integer Tuple Relations
Matching Techniques Ride to Rescue OLED Displays
Computational Geometry
On Open Rectangle-of-Influence Drawings of Planar Graphs
An Effective Hybrid Algorithm for the Circles and Spheres Packing Problems
Variable-Size Rectangle Covering
On-Line Multiple-Strip Packing
Game Theory
A Cost-Sharing Method for the Soft-Capacitated Economic Lot-Sizing Game
Improved Bounds for Facility Location Games with Fair Cost Allocation
Graph Algorithms
Two-Level Heaps: A New Priority Queue Structure with Applications to the Single Source Shortest Path Problem
On Construction of Almost-Ramanujan Graphs
A 2log2(n)-Approximation Algorithm for Directed Tour Cover
Approximation Algorithms for Max 3-Section Using Complex Semidefinite Programming Relaxation
Graph Theory
Hamiltonian Decomposition of Some Interconnection Networks
Infinite Family from Each Vertex k-Critical Graph without Any Critical Edge
A Note on Edge Choosability and Degeneracy of Planar Graphs
A Sufficient and Necessary Condition for the Forcing Number of a Bipartite Graph Being Equal to the Minimum Number of Trailing Vertices
On Integrity of Harary Graphs
A Note on n-Critical Bipartite Graphs and Its Application
Network Models and Problems
Real-Time Algorithm Scheme for n-Vehicle Exploration Problem
Deterministically Estimating Data Stream Frequencies
Positive Influence Dominating Set in Online Social Networks
On-line Algorithms
Optimal Algorithms for the Online Time Series Search Problem
A Risk-Reward Competitive Analysis for the Newsboy Problem with Range Information
Optimal Semi-online Algorithm for Scheduling on a Batch Processing Machine
A Note on Online Scheduling for Jobs with Arbitrary Release Times
Size-Constrained Tree Partitioning: A Story on Approximation Algorithm Design for the Multicast k-Tree Routing Problem
On Disjoint Shortest Paths Routing on the Hypercube
A New Approach for Rearrangeable Multicast Switching Networks
Bicriteria Scheduling on Single-Machine with Inventory Operations
Approximation Algorithm for Minimizing the Weighted Number of Tardy Jobs on a Batch Machine
Scheduling with Rejection to Minimize the Makespan
Scheduling Problems in Cross Docking
Makespan Minimization with Machine Availability Constraints
A Mathematical Programming Approach for Online Hierarchical Scheduling
Recoverable Robust Timetables on Trees
Roulette Wheel Graph Colouring for Solving Examination Timetabling Problems
Integrated Production and Delivery Scheduling with Disjoint Windows
Wireless and Optical Networks
Fault-Tolerant Routing: k-Inconnected Many-to-One Routing in Wireless Networks
A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Minimum Energy Symmetric Connectivity Problem in Wireless Networks
Minimum Energy Broadcast Routing in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks with Directional Antennas
Approximating the Multicast Traffic Grooming Problem in Unidirectional SONET/WDM Rings
An Algorithm with Better Approximation Ratio for Multicast Traffic in Unidirectional SONET/WDM Rings.
Du, Dingzhu, editor., Editor,
Hu, Xiaodong. editor., Editor,
Pardalos, Panos M. editor., Editor,
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