Contributions to American history. 1858.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia, Historical soc. of Pa., 1858.
Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, v.6
Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, v.6
1 p. l., v, 15-429, 7 p. (partly fold.) 8.̊
Society of the Cincinnati.
Whiskey Rebellion, Pa., 1794.
Penn's treaty with the Indians, 1682.
Acadians -- Pennsylvania.
Some account of the Society of the Cincinnati, by Alexander Johnston.
Journal of the general meeting of the Cincinnati in 1784, by Major Winthrop Sargent; ed. by W. Sargent.
The insurrection of the year 1794, in the western counties of Pennsylvania, by Townsend Ward; to which are appended General Wilkins's account of the gathering on Braddock's field, and a memoir on the insurrection, by James Gallatin.
Presentation to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania of the belt of wampum delivered by the Indians to William Penn, at the great treaty under the elm tree, in 1682; to which are appended William Penn's letters to the Indians, plan for the union of the English colonies, and plan for the confederation of the states of Europe.
The Acadian exiles, or French neutrals, in Pennsylvania, by W.B. Reed; to which is appended A relation of their misfortunes, by J.B. Galerm.
The case of Major André, with a review of the statement of it in Lord Mahon's History of England, by C.J. Biddle.
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