Film theory and criticism : introductory readings / edited by Leo Braudy, Marshall Cohen.

7th ed.
New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.
xvii, 905 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Motion pictures.
from Film technique. [On editing] / Vsevolod Pudovkin
from Film form. Beyond the shot [the cinematographic principle and the ideogram] ; Dramaturgy of film form [the dialectical approach to film form] / Sergei Eisenstein
from What is cinema? Evolution of the language of cinema / André Bazin
Toward a non-bourgeois camera style / Brian Henderson
from Film language. Some points in the semiotics of cinema ; Problems of denotation in the fiction film / Christian Metz
Semiotics and the cinema : Metz and Wollen / Gilbert Harman
Discourse of pictures : iconicity and film studies / Stephen Prince
Tutor-code of classical cinema / Daniel Dayan
Against "the system of the suture" / William Rothman
Spectator-in-the-text : the rhetoric of Stagecoach / Nick Browne
from Theory of film. Basic concepts / Siegfried Kracauer
from What is cinema? Ontology of the photographic image ; Myth of total cinema / André Bazin
from Film as art. Complete film / Rudolf Arnheim
Apparatus : metapsychological approaches to the impression of reality in cinema / Jean-Louis Baudry
from Mystifying movies. Jean-Louis Baudry and "The apparatus" / Noël Carroll
from Vision and visuality. Modernizing vision / Jonathan Crary
from Cinema 1 and Cinema 2. Preface to the English edition ; Origin of the crisis : Italian neo-realism and the French new wave ; Beyond the movement-image / Gilles Deleuze
Style and medium in the motion pictures / Erwin Panofsky
from Theory of film. Establishment of physical existence / Siegfried Kracauer
from Theory of the film. Close-up ; Face of man / Béla Balász
from Film as art. Film and reality ; Making of a film / Rudolf Arnheim
from Philosophical problems of classical film theory. Specificity thesis / Noël Carroll
from Film/cinema/movie. Projection / Gerald Mast
from The world viewed. Photograph and screen ; Audience, actor, and star ; Types, cycles as genres ; Ideas of origin / Stanley Cavell
Statement on sound / Sergei Eisenstein, Vsevelod Pudovkin, Grigori Alexandrov
Voice in the cinema : the articulation of body and space / Mary Ann Doane
Technology and aesthetics of film sound / John Belton
from What is cinema? Theater and cinema / André Bazin
from The world in a frame. Acting : stage vs. screen / Leo Braudy
from Film form. Dickens, Griffith, and ourselves ; [Dickens, Griffith, and film today] / Sergei Eisenstein
from Concepts in film theory. Adaptation / Dudley Andrew
from Novel to film. Backgrounds / Brian McFarlane
from D.W. Griffith and the origins of American narrative film. Narrative discourse and the narrator system / Tom Gunning
Film music and narrative agency / Jerrold Levinson
Godard and counter cinema ; Vent d'est / Peter Wollen
from Poetics of cinema. Cognition and comprehension : viewing and forgetting in Mildred Pierce / David Bordwell
Notes on the auteur theory in 1962 / Andrew Sarris
from Signs and meaning in the cinema. Auteur theory [Howard Hawks and John Ford] / Peter Wollen
Face of Garbo / Roland Barthes
from The material ghost. [On Keaton and Chaplin] / Gilberto Perez
From Stars / Richard Dyer
from Acting in the cinema. Katherine Hepburn in Holiday / James Naremore
from From reverence to rape. Female stars of the 1940s / Molly Haskell
How Howard Hawks brought Baby up : an Apologia for the studio system / Richard B. Jewell
from The genius of the system. "Whole equation of pictures" / Thomas Schatz
from The world in a frame. Genre : the conventions of connection / Leo Braudy
Semantic/syntactic approach to film genre / Rick Altman
from Hollywood genres. Film genre and the genre film / Thomas Schatz
Gangster as tragic hero / Robert Warshow
Notes on film noir / Paul Schrader
Ideology, genre, auteur / Robin Wood
Film bodies : gender, genre, and excess / Linda Williams
Terror of pleasure : the contemporary horror film and postmodern theory / Tania Modleski
Feminist frameworks for horror films / Cynthia A. Freeland
Art cinema as a mode of film practice / David Bordwell
Work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction / Walter Benjamin
Cinema/ideology/criticism / Jean-Luc Comolli, Jean Narboni
from The imaginary signifier. Identification, mirror ; Passion for perceiving ; Disavowal, fetishism / Christian Metz
Visual pleasure and narrative cinema / Laura Mulvey
from The women who knew too much : Hitchcock and feminist theory. Master's dollhouse : Rear window / Tania Modleski
Aesthetic of astonishment : early film and the (in)credulous spectator / Tom Gunning
Colonialism, racism, and representation : an introduction / Robert Stam, Louise Spence
Black spectatorship : problems of identification and resistance / Manthia Diawara
from The language of new media. Synthetic realism and its discontents ; Synthetic image and its subject ; Digital cinema and the history of a moving image / Lev Manovich
End of cinema : multimedia and technological change / Anne Friedberg
from Change mummified / Philip Rosen
Impact of digital technologies on film aesthetics / Michael Allen
Tales of upward mobility : the new verticality and digital special effects / Kristen Whissel
Reconceptualizing national cinema(s) / Stephen Crofts
Difficulty of being radical : the discipline of film studies and the postcolonial world order / Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto
Issues in world cinema / Wimal Dissanayake.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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