A framework for the development of an effective learning function strategy and a mechanism for evaluating learning function performance / Mike Barger.

Barger, Mike.
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There is a significant body of literature within the field of corporate education suggesting that workplace learning leaders are facing several daunting challenges as they attempt to maximize the value and impact of the work performed by the corporate learning function. Specifically, learning leaders are collectively struggling with three key issues in their efforts to effectively support their parent organizations: the alignment of learning function goals to the strategic needs of the enterprise; the development of clear learning function strategies to meet current and future enterprise needs; and the creation of a mechanism through which the performance of the learning function can be evaluated. Deficiencies in each of these areas are making it difficult to create, communicate and evaluate the effectiveness of a learning function's strategy as a key organizational support function.
The objective of this dissertation is to inform efforts to improve learning function performance by examining the methods employed by learning function leaders who report experiencing exceptional success in dealing with these three challenges. The methods employed in this research are based in the paradigm of practitioner research and involve an exploration of the Balanced Scorecard framework used at JetBlue University as a successful mechanism for overcoming these challenges, then comparing and contrasting this approach with methods used in other successful cases documented through survey data and interviews with nine corporate learning leaders.
Based on the data collected, results from this study indicate that high performing learning functions are able to overcome the challenges associated with alignment, strategy creation and performance evaluation in ways that are consistent in many ways with those experienced at JetBlue U. Across the sample of ten companies with particularly successful learning functions, results confirm a consistently high degree of attention and effort focused on alignment, strategic planning, and performance evaluation. Based on these results and the professional experiences of this practitioner researcher, numerous recommendations and a detailed guide are presented for corporate learning leaders to improve the success of their learning functions.
Adviser: Henry May.
Thesis (Ed.D. in Education) -- University of Pennsylvania, 2009.
Includes bibliographical references.
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May, Henry, advisor.
University of Pennsylvania.
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