[Book of hours : use of Soissons].

Catholic Church.
Standardized Title:
Book of hours
[Paris : Simon Vostre, not before 1506]
[288] p. : ill. ; 17 cm. (8vo)
++++ usit Vbro (C) 1506 (Q)
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Place of Publication:
France Paris.
Almanac, 1502-1520, and calendar (f. [a]2r[?]-[a]8r[?])
Gospel lessons (f. [a]8v[?]-c3r)
Prayers to the Virgin (f. c3r-d4r[?])
Hours of the Virgin (f. d4v[?]-i6r)
Hours of the Holy Cross (f. i6v-k1v)
Hours of the Holy Spirit (f. k2r-k4r)
Seven Penitential Psalms, Litany of the Saints, and other prayers (f. k4v-m4r)
Office of the Dead (f. m4v-p4v)
Suffrages (f. [ã]1r-ẽ5r)
Prayers for various intentions and occasions (f. ẽ5r-ĩ2r)
Seven prayers of St. Gregory (f. ĩ2v-ĩ3r)
Office of the Conception of the Virgin (f. ĩ3v-ĩ7r)
List of contents (f. ĩ8r-ĩ8v)
Co[m]memoratio a[n]i[m]e cuiuslibet defuncti (f. [Maltese cross]1r-[Maltese cross]8v).
Penn Libraries copy imperfect: leaves [a]1 (title leaf), [a]2, [a]4, [a]7, [a]8, b4, d4, and g1 wanting. Title devised by cataloger from content.
Almost certainly published in Paris by Simon Vostre, whose characteristic illustrations and decorations are present throughout. Date of printing inferred from presence of a metal-cut illustration of Anna Selbdritt with emblems of the Virgin Mary and images from the border cycle Caesar's triumph, both by the workshop of Jean Pichore and both first used by Vostre in 1506. Cf. Tenschert & Nettekoven, Horae B.M.V., v. 1, p. 122-128, 339-344.
Signatures: [a]⁸ b-c⁸ d⁴ [e]⁸ f-o⁸ p⁴ [ã̈]⁸ ẽ⁸ ĩ⁸ [Maltese cross]⁸. Only the first leaf of each gathering is signed, except for leaves [a]1, [e]1 and [ã]1 (all unsigned).
Median(?) octavo. Leaf b1r: 21 lines; area of text: 102 x 60 mm., within printed decorative borders (148 x 94 mm.). Leaves [Maltese cross]1r-8v: 27 lines. With signatures; without foliation or catchwords. Use of Soissons indicated by "so" printed in tail margin of recto of first leaf of gatherings [e]-p. Initial spaces; spaces for paragraph marks.
Decoration: at least 18 full-page metal-cut illustrations, the central subject (each ca. 124 x 80 mm.) surrounded by a varying assemblage of 4-part architectural borders decorated with putti, festoons or other ornaments, most with inset printed text in the subjacent border, including: the Annunciation (by Jean Pichore's workshop; f. [e]1r), Augustus and the Tiburtine sibyl (by Jean Pichore's workshop; f. f3v), the Nativity (by Jean Pichore's workshop?; f. g2r), the annunciation of Christ's birth to the shepherds (by Jean Pichore's workshop; f. g5v), the adoration of the shepherds (by the Master of the Apocalypse Rose; f. g6r), the adoration of the Magi (by the Master of the Apocalypse Rose; f. g8v), the presentation of Christ in the temple (by the Master of the Apocalypse Rose; f. h3r), the massacre of the Innocents (by Jean Pichore's workshop; f. h5v), the death of the Virgin Mary (by Jean Pichore's workshop?; f. i2r), Christ carrying the cross (by Jean Pichore's workshop; f. i6v), Pentecost (by the Master of the Apocalypse Rose?; f. k2r), David and Uriah (by Jean Pichore's workshop; f. k4v), the death of Uriah (by the Master of the Apocalypse Rose; f. k5r), Lazarus at Dives's banquet (by the Master of the Apocalypse Rose; f. m4v), the Last Judgment (by the Master of the Apocalypse Rose; f. m5r), the Trinity with spiritual and temporal worthies (by the Master of the Apocalypse Rose; f. [ã]1r), Anna Selbdritt with emblems of the Virgin Mary (by Jean Pichore's workshop; f. ĩ3v), and the burial of Christ (by the Master of the Apocalypse Rose; without text in border; f. ĩ7v).
Penn Libraries copy: several large cuts wanting. Remaining stubs of leaves b4 and d4 each has border element on verso associated with a full-page illustration -- probably the betrayal of Christ (f. b4v) and Tree of Jesse (f. d4v). In gathering a, leaf a1r may have contained a device of Simon Vostre; leaf a1v, an anatomical man; and leaf a8v, either the martyrdom of St. John or St. John with the poisoned cup. Cf. R. Mortimer, French 16th cent., v. 2, p. 363ff; Tenschert & Nettekoven, Horae B.M.V., v. 1, p. 345ff.
Decoration: at least 30 small cuts (each 32 x 22 mm.) of figures, primarily saints, inset into text, including: St. Luke the Evangelist (f. b2r), St. Matthew the Evangelist (f. b2v), St. Mark the Evangelist (f. b3v), Virgin Mary and Christ Child (f. c3r), the Crucifixion (f. c6v), the Annunciation (f. c8r), Christ as Salvator Mundi (f. [ã]1v), Christ as Man of Sorrows (f. [ã]2r), Pentecost (f. [ã]2v), St. Veronica (f. [ã]3r), St. Michael the Archangel (f. [ã]3v), martyrdom of St. John the Baptist (f. [ã]4r), St. John boiled in oil (f. [ã]4v), Sts. Peter and Paul (f. [ã]5r), St. James the Greater (f. [ã]5r), martyrdom of St. Stephen (f. [ã]6r), martyrdom of St. Lawrence (f. [ã]6v), St. Christopher (f. [ã]6v), martyrdom of St. Sebastian (f. [ã]7v), St. Nicholas (f. [ã]8v), St. Claudius (f. ẽ1r), St. Anthony (f. ẽ1v), St. Anne and the Virgin Mary (f. ẽ2r), St. Mary Magdalene (f. ẽ2v), martyrdom of St. Catherine (f. ẽ3r), St. Margaret (f. ẽ3r), St. Barbara (f. ẽ3v), St. Apollonia (f. ẽ4r), St. Genevieve (f. ẽ4v), and St. Gregory the Great (f. ĩ2v). Some of these cuts reappear as border elements on other leaves.
Decoration: text pages within a variety of decorative and historiated wood- and metal-cut borders printed from 5-8 separate blocks, most from topical or narrative image cycles and many with inset printed captions in French or Latin. The following cycles are attributed to the Master of the Apocalypse Rose: tasks and astrological symbols associated with each month (head-edge) and activities and pastimes (bas-de-page) (f. [a]2r[?]-[a]7r[?]); the story of Joseph and his brothers (with Latin captions; f. b1r-b5v); Sibyls on criblé grounds (with Latin captions; f. b8v-c2r), the virtues, with French captions cut with the images, (fore-edge) and the seven sacraments (bas-de-page) (f. d2v-d4r[?], l8v-m2r, ẽ1r-ẽ2v); the lives of the Virgin Mary and Christ (fore-edge with Latin captions and bas-de page without captions; f. e1v-i6r); the story of Susanna (with French captions; f. k5v-k8r); the parable of the Prodigal Son (with French captions; f. k8v-l2r); the signs of the Last Judgment (fore-edge with French captions and bas-de-page without captions; f. l2v-l5r); and a Dance of Death, including many female figures, with French captions cut with the images (fore-edge), accompanied by a Job cycle (bas-de-page) (f. m5v-p3r, [Maltese cross]1r-8v). The following cycles are attributed to Jean Pichore's workshop: Caesar's triumph (with Latin captions; f. ã1v-ã7v) and miracles of the Virgin Mary (with French captions; f. ĩ4r-ĩ8v). Cf. Tenschert & Nettekoven, Horae B.M.V., v. 1, p. 126-128, 343-344.
This edition should not be identified with the book of hours of the use of Soissons published by Vostre on vellum with the same almanac and a similar collation (except for the final gathering) cited in Alès (Bib. liturgique, no. 227), Bohatta (1385), Brunet (suppl., I, col. 608), Grässe (VII, p. 381), and Moreau (I, no. 79).
Local notes:
Penn Libraries copy bound with: Psalteriu[m] cu[m] fideli castigatione magnis characterib[us] impressum. Impressum Parrhisijs ... : [Per] Magistrum Berchtoldu[m] Re[m]bolt, Anno D[omi]ni millesimo qui[n]ge[n]tesimo nono die vero viij Februarij [8 February 1509].
Leaf size: 164 x 104 mm. Leaves closely cropped at all margins with frequent damage to woodcut border at head and occasional damage to woodcut border at fore-edge and tail.
Rubrication: initials and underlines supplied in red or blue ink; a few paragraph marks supplied in red ink.
Penn Libraries copy has a few modern ms. bibliographical notes in pencil on verso of front free endpaper; signature marks supplied in modern ms. in pencil at foot of leaves [a]3r, [a]5r, [a]6r, and g2r; ms. note ("Parrhisiis. 1509. februrii [sic] die 8vo") at foot of leaf [a]3r; illegible autograph(?) at foot of leaf [a]3r; early ms. inscription at foot of leaf f1r and on woodcut on leaf f3v; early ms. note at foot of leaf g3v.
Penn Libraries copy formerly owned by Lawrence J. Schoenberg, LJS 8.
Penn Libraries copy bound in full 19th-century calf; boards ruled in blind; 5 raised, gold-tooled bands on spine; gold-tooled spine panels.
Penn Libraries copy: leaves [a]2 and c1-7 mended at inner margin.
Penn Provenance:
Schoenberg, Lawrence J. (donor)
Penn Chronology:
1506 (not before)
Pichore, Jean, fl. 1502-1520.
Vostre, Simon, active 1488-1520, publisher.
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