Compilation of Middletown III and Middletown IV Data, 1977-1999 [Muncie, Indiana] [electronic resource] / Theodore Caplow, Howard Bahr, Bruce Chadwick, Vaughn R.A. Call, Louis Hicks.

Ann Arbor, Mich. : Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2007.
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Middletown III was a replication of research done in 1924-1925 by Robert and Helen Lynd in Muncie, Indiana. Middletown III included the Family Roles Survey (1977), the High School Survey (1977, 1989), the Community Survey (1978), the Government Services Survey (1978), the Kinship Survey (1978), the Neighborhood Survey (1978), the Religion Survey (1978), the Women's Occupational Survey (1978), and the Recreation Survey (1982). Middletown IV was a 1999 replication of two of the most important surveys that had been conducted in 1924 and 1977: the Community Survey and the High School Survey. The High School Survey (1977, 1989, and 1999) queried respondents about the number of years they attended Muncie schools, membership in extra-curricular activities, sex education, curriculum, grades and schoolwork, books and magazines read that were not assigned, and future plans post-high school. Respondents were also asked about close friendships, work outside of school, activities on Sunday, and their opinions about their relationship with their parents, and several statements about personal, political, and social issues. For the Community Survey (1978, 1999), respondents were asked about their residence and living in Muncie, as well as job history, reasons to work, and the advantages gained from working. The survey also asked questions of respondents about spouse employment and vacation, household roles, activities, and expenses, as well as close friendships, important qualities in boys and girls, educational plans for their children, and opinions on special topics. For the Family Roles Survey (1978), respondents were asked to express their opinion in regard to raising a family in Muncie, spouse role performance and expectations, marital satisfaction, and close friendships. The Government Services Survey (1978) asked respondents about their participation in the 1976 presidential,... Cf.:
Part 1: Middletown III: Family Roles Survey (1977); Part 2: Middletown III: High School Survey (1977); Part 3: Middletown III: High School Survey (1989); Part 4: Middletown III: Community Survey (1978); Part 5: Middletown III: Government Services Survey (1978); Part 6: Middletown III: Kinship Survey (1978); Part 7: Middletown III: Neighborhood Survey (1978); Part 8: Middletown III: Religion Survey (1978); Part 9: Middletown III: Women's Occupational Survey (1978); Part 10: Middletown III: Recreation Survey (1982); Part 11: Middletown IV: Community Survey (1999); Part 12: Middletown IV: High School Survey (1999)
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Start: 1977; and end: 1999.
Caplow, Theodore.
Bahr, Howard.
Chadwick, Bruce.
Call, Vaughn R. A.
Hicks, Louis.
Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research.
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