RNA interference : from biology to clinical applications / edited by Wei-Ping Min, Thomas Ichim.

New York : Humana Press, c2010.
xvi, 450 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ; v. 623.
Methods in molecular biology, 1064-3745 ; 623

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RNA editing.
Gene silencing.
Medical subjects:
Gene Silencing.
RNA Interference.
Endogenous antiviral mechanisms of RNA interference : a comparative biology perspective / Abubaker M.E. Sidahmed and Bruce Wilkie
Monitoring innate immune recruitment by siRNAs in mammalian cells / Michael P. Gantier and Bryan R.G. Williams
Current knowledge of microRNAs and noncoding RNAs in virus-infected cells / Dominique L. Ouellet and Patrick Provost
Allele-specific silencing by RNA interference / Hirohiko Hohjoh
Computational siRNA design considering alternative splicing / Young J. Kim
Bioinformatic approaches to siRNA selection and optimization / Pirkko Muhonen and Harry Holthofer
Optimized gene silencing by co-expression of mulitple shRNAs in a single vector / Yasuhito Ishigaki, Akihiro Nagao, and Tsukasa Matsunaga
Strategies in designing multigene expression units to downregulate HIV-1 / Jane Zhang and John J. Rossi
Designing optimal siRNA based on target site accessibility / Ivo L. Hofacker and Hakim Tafer
Chemical syntheses of 2'-O-alkylated siRNAs / Joachim W. Engels ... [et al.]
siRNA specific delivery system for targeting dendritic cells / Xiufen Zheng ... [et al.]
Hydrodynamic delivery protocols / Piotr G. Rychahou and B. Mark Evers
New methods for reverse transfection with siRNA from a solid surface / Satoshi Fujita ... [et al.]
Nonviral siRNA delivery for gene silencing in neurodegenerative diseases / Satya Prakash, Meenakshi Malhotra, and Venkatesh Rengaswamy
Using siRNA to uncover novel oncogenic signaling pathways / Jin-Mei Lai, Chi-Ying F. Huang, and Chang-Han Chen
Biodegradable polymer-mediated sh/siRNA delivery for cancer studies / Dhananjay J. Jere and Chong-Su Cho
Cellular siRNA delivery using TatU1A and photo-induced RNA interference / Tamaki Endoh and Takashi Ohtsuki
Polyethylenimine (PEI)/siRNA-mediated gene knockdown in vitro and in vivo / Sabrina Höbel and Achim Aigner
Transfection of siRNAs in multiple myeloma cell lines / Jose L.R. Brito, Nicola Brown, and Gareth J. Morgan
A new approach for therapeutic use by RNA interference in the brain / Yukio Akaneya
Inhibitory RNA molecules in immunotherapy for cancer / Chih-Ping Mao and T.-C. Wu
Preventing tissue injury using siRNA / Zhu-Xu Zhang ... [et al.]
Preventing immune rejection through gene silencing / Xusheng Zhang, Mu Li, and Wei-Ping Min
Topical application of siRNA targeting cutaneous dendritic cells in allergic skin disease / Miyuki Azuma, Patcharee Ritprajak, and Masaaki Hashiguchi
Direct application of siRNA for in vivo pain research / Philippe Sarret, Louis Doré-Savard, and Nicolas Beaudet
A potenetial therapeutic for pandemic influenza using RNA interference / Shaguna Seth ... [et al.]
Evaluation of targets for ovarian cancer gene silencing therapy : in vitro and in vivo approaches / Anastasia Malek and Oleg Tchernitsa.
"Springer protocols"--Cover.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Min, Wei-Ping.
Ichim, Thomas, 1976-