Framing the state in times of transition : case studies in constitution making / Laurel E. Miller, editor ; with Louis Aucoin.

Washington, DC : United States Institute of Peace, 2010.
xviii, 715 p. ; 26 cm.
Peacebuilding and the rule of law.
Peacebuilding and the rule of law

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Constitutional history.
Constitutional conventions.
New democracies.
Norms of international law relating to the constitution-making process / Thomas M. Franck and Arun K. Thiruvengadam
Constitution making and the right to take part in a public affair / Vivien Hart
Constitution making in Eritrea : a process-driven approach / Bereket Habte Selassie
Namibia's long walk to freedom : the role of constitution making in the creation of an independent Namibia / Marinus Wiechers
Creating the birth certificate of a new South Africa : constitution making after apartheid / Hassen Ebrahim and Laurel E. Miller
The politics of constitution making in Uganda / Aili Mari Tripp
Zimbabwe's unfulfilled struggle for a legitimate constitutional order / Muna Ndulo
The process of creating a new constitution in Cambodia / Stephen P. Marks
East Timor's constitutional passage to independence / Louis Aucoin and Michele Brandt
Between coups : constitution making in Fiji / Jill Cottrell and Yash Ghai
The drafting process for the 1998 Albanian constitution / Scott N. Carlson
The Dayton constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina / James C. O'Brien
Constitution making and transitional politics in Hungary / Andrew Arato and Zoltán Miklósi
Constitution making, peace building, and national reconciliation : the experience of Poland / Lech Garlicki and Zofia Garlicka
Constitution making and democratization : the Spanish paradigm / Andrea Bonime-Blanc
Conflict resolution and constitutionalism : the making of the Brazilian constitution of 1988 / Keith S. Rosenn
Lessons of the Colombian constitutional reform of 1991 : toward the securing of peace and reconciliation? / Donald T. Fox, Gustavo Gallon-Giraldo, and Anne Stetson
The Nicaraguan constitutional experience : process, conflict, contradictions, and change / Lee Demetrius Walker and Philip J. Williams
The 1999 Venezuelan constitution-making process as an instrument for framing the development of an authoritarian political regime / Allan R. Brewer-Carias
Big tent, small tent : the making of a constitution in Afghanistan / J. Alexander Thier
Deconstituting Mesopotamia : cutting a deal on the regionalization of Iraq / Jonathan Morrow
Designing constitution-making processes : lessons from the past, questions for the future / Laurel E. Miller.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Miller, Laurel (Laurel E.)
Aucoin, Louis.
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