Bringing psychotherapy research to life : understanding change through the work of leading clinical researchers / edited by Louis G. Castonguay ... [et al.].

Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, c2010.
xxii, 378 p. ; 27 cm.
1st ed.

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Psychotherapy -- Research -- History.
A brief introduction to psychotherapy research / J. Christopher Muran, Louis G. Castonguay, and Bernhard Strauss
Carl Rogers : idealistic pragmatist and psychotherapy research pioneer / Robert Elliott and Barry A. Farber
Jerome D. Frank : psychotherapy researcher and humanitarian / Bruce E. Wampold and Joel Weinberger
Lester Luborsky : a trailblazer in empirical research on psychoanalytic therapy / Paul Crits-Christoph, Jacques P. Barber, Brin F.S. Grenyer, and Louis Diguer
Hns Strupp : a founder's contributions to a scientific basis for psychotherapy practice
Karla Moras, Timothy Anderson, and William E. Piper
Aaron T. Beck : the cognitive revolution in theory and therapy / Steven D. Hollon
Irene Elkin: "The data are always friendly" / Karla Moras and M. Tracie Shea
Kenneth I. Howard : the best friend that psychotherapy research ever had / David E. Orlinsky, Merton S. Krause, Fredrick L. Newman, Robert J. Lueger, and Wolfgang Lutz
Allen E. Bergin : consummate scholar and charter member of the Society for Psychotherapy Research / Michael J. Lambert, Alan S. Gurman, and P. Scott Richards
Klaus Grawe : on a constant quest for a truly integrative and research-based psychotherapy / Franz Caspar and Martin Grosse Holtforth
Marvin R. Goldfried : pioneering spirit and integrative force / Louis G. Castonguay and John C. Norcross
Michael J. Lambert : building confidence in psychotherapy / Benjamin M. Ogles and Jeffrey A. Hayes
Clara E. Hill : a rebel with several causes / Sarah Knox
Eugene Gendlin : experiential philosophy and psychotherapy / David L. Rennie, Arthur C. Bohart, and Alberta E. Pos
Laura Rice : natural observer of psychotherapy process / Jeanne C. Watson and Hadas Wiseman
Leslie Greenberg : emotional change leads to positive outcome / Rhonda N. Goldman, Lynne Angus, and Jeremy D. Safran
Edward S. Bordin : innovative thinker, influential investigator, and inspiring teacher / Michael J. Constantino, Nicholas Ladany, and Thomas D. Borkovec
Donald J. Kiesler : interpersonal manifesto / Christopher C. Wagner and Jeremy D. Safran
Lorna Smith Benjamin : love, loyalty, and learning in close attachment relationships / Kenneth L. Critchfield
David E. Orlinsky : developing psychotherapy research, researching psychotherapist development / Micheal Helge Rønnestad, Ulrike Willutzki, and Margarita Tarragona
Horst Kächele : bringing research, practice, and people together / Bernhard Strauss
Enrico Jones : appreciating complexity / Tai Katzenstein, Peter Fonagy, and J. Stuart Ablon
David A. Shapiro : psychotherapeutic investigations / Michael Barkham, Glenys Parry, and Gillian E. Hardy
Robert Elliott : commitment to experience / Rhea Partyka
William B. Stiles : empathic reflections, voices, and theory-building / Meredith Glick Brinegar and Katerine Osatuke
Sol L. Garfield : a pioneer in bringing science to clinical psychology / Larry E. Beutler and Anne D. Simons
Larry E. Beutler: a matter of principles / Paulo P. P. Machado, Héctor Fernández Álvarez, and John F. Clarkin
Sidney J. Blatt : relatedness, self-definition, and mental representation / John S. Auerbach, Kenneth N. Levy, and Carrie E. Schaffer
William E. Piper : negotiating the complexities of psychotherapy / John S. Ogrodniczuk
Future directions : emerging opportunities and challenges in psychotherapy research / Lynne Angus, Jeffrey A. Hayes, Timothy Anderson, Nicholas Ladany, Louis G. Castonguay, and J. Christopher Muran.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Castonguay, Louis Georges.
American Psychological Association.
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