Fiorecti del libro de Sancto Francesco ... [etc.] [manuscript].

Standardized Title:
Fioretti di San Francesco.
[Venice or Ferrara?, Italy, between 1460 and 1480?]
167 leaves : paper, col. ill. ; 205 x 150 (134 x 94) mm.
Francis, of Assisi, Saint, 1182-1226 -- Legends -- Early works to 1800.
Clare, of Assisi, Saint, 1194-1253 -- Legends -- Early works to 1800.
Franciscans -- Early works to 1800.
Monasticism and religious orders -- Rules.
Manuscripts, Italian -- 15th century.
Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Chapters from Parts I-III of the Fioretti di San Francesco (stories and legends about Saint Francis and his disciples and followers) accompanied by an Italian translation of the 13th-century Latin account of the life of Francis' early companion Brother Juniper; an Italian prose translation of the Latin Legenda Sancta Clarae virginis by Thomas of Celano; an Italian translation of the rule of the Franciscans approved by Honorius III and issued by him in 1223 in the papal bull Solet annuere; and an Italian translation of the testament of Francis, first written in Latin before his death in 1226. The manuscript has marginal numbers for 119 chapters that include even those sections that are not part of the Fioretti; the numbers start over again for the rule and testament at the end. The numbers for chapters from the Fioretti often do not match the numbering in published editions. Occasional marginal notes point to miracles in the text (f. 63v-64r, for example). Slight losses to the vertical catchwords and a marginal note in an italic hand (f. 71v) due to trimming.
1. f.1r-45r: Prima parte deli fiorecti del libro de Sancto Francesco.
2. f.45v-46v: [Additional chapter from Part I of the Fioretti]
3. f.46v-75v: [Considerazione sulle stimmate and legends related to the stigmata of Saint Francis]
4. f.75v-88v: [Chapters from Parts I and II of the Fioretti]
5. f.88v-98v: Vita de frate Ginepro, compagno de Santo Francesco, huomo de profonda humilita.
6. f.98v-99r: [Additional chapter from Part I of the Fioretti]
7. f.99r-119v: Legenda de la devota sposa vergine sposa de Christo Santa Chiara / [Thomas of Celano].
8. f.119v-160v: [Chapters from Part III of the Fioretti]
9. f.160v-165r: Regola delli frati de Sancto Francisco / [Pope Honorius III].
10. f.165r-167r: Testamento de messer Sancto Francesco / [Saint Francis of Assisi].
Ms. codex.
Title for manuscript from title of predominant work in rubric (f. 45r).
Collation: Paper, i (later paper) + 167 + i (later paper); 1⁴ 2¹⁰(-1) 3-6¹⁰ 7-9⁸ 10¹⁴(-1) 11⁸ 12¹⁰ 13¹⁰(-1) 14-17¹⁰ 18⁴ 19⁸(-2); [1-167]; modern foliation in pencil, upper left recto. Horizontal catchwords on the last verso of gatherings 4-8; vertical catchwords on the last verso of gatherings 12 and 14-17.
Layout: Written in 29 long lines; frame-ruled in lead with vertical bounding lines.
Script: Written in humanistic script, perhaps in two or three hands.
Decoration: 6-line historiated initial in pink on gold ground with Saint Francis with gold halo and stigmata, further decorated with acanthus leaves, floral motifs, and gold besants in the margin (f. 1r); circular laurel wreath with ribbons to receive arms or mongram, with 6-pointed star added later in ink (lower margin, f. 1r); numerous 3- to 5-line initials in red or blue with either purple or red flourishing; paragraph marks mostly in red in text, in blue before rubrics; chapter numbers (roman numerals in margins), rubrication, and occasional marginal notes in red. Decorative line fillers, initials touched with yellow, and a few slightly more elaborate 3- and 6-line initials in blue and red in the rule of the Franciscans (f. 160v-165r).
Watermarks: Multiple, including marks similar to Briquet Aigle 201 (Venice, 1476), Aigle 202 (Venice, 1475), and Griffon 7465 (Venice and Ferrara, 1471-1476); also the letter R in a circle; and three mounts and a cross.
Binding: Later limp vellum (Les Enluminures).
Origin: Written in northern Italy, possibly Venice or Ferrara, between 1460 and 1480 (Les Enluminures).
Penn Provenance:
Sold by Les Enluminures (Paris and Chicago), 2010.
Cited as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1577
Francis, of Assisi, Saint, 1182-1226. Testamentum.
Thomas, of Celano, fl. 1257. Legenda S. Clarae virginis. Italian.
Catholic Church. Pope (1216-1227 : Honorius III). Solet annuere. Italian.
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