Catholic engagement with world religions : a comprehensive study / Karl Joseph Becker & Ilaria Morali, editors ; with the collaboration of Maurice Borrmans & Gavin D'Costa.

Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, c2010.
Faith meets faith.
Faith meets faith series
xl, 605 p. ; 23 cm.
Catholic Church -- Relations.
The concept of religion from Cicero to Schleiermacher : origins, history, and problems with the term / Peter Henrici
Non-Christians in patristic theology / Joseph Carola
Religions and salvation : features of medieval theology / Ilaria Morali
The early modern period (1453-1650) / Ilaria Morali
The travail of ideas in the three centuries preceding Vatican II (1650-1964) / Ilaria Morali
Salvation, religions, and dialogue in the Roman Magisterium from Pius IX to Vatican II and postconciliar popes / Ilaria Morali
Christian faith in God / Luis F. Ladaria
The Christian confession of faith in Jesus Christ / José Granados
The Holy Spirit / Savio Hon Tai-Fai
Divine revelation / Antonio López
The mystery of humanity / Philippe Curbelié and Matthew Rougé
The church as mystery, sacrament, and people of God : a community intended for all human beings / Sandra Mazzolini
The mission of the church : to gather into one the scattered children of God / Cesare Baldi
Faith and belief / Avery Dulles
Trends in German, French, and Italian writings and theology of religions. History of the German theology of religions / Karl J. Becker ; Overview of some important Francophone and Italian trends / Ilaria Morali
Pluralist arguments : prominent tendencies and methods / Gavin D'Costa
Reflections on the philosophical presuppositions of the pluralist theology of religions / Pavel Rebernik
Theology of the Christian economy of salvation / Karl J. Becker
A theological reflection on interreligious dialogue / Michael L. Fitzgerald
Engaging the Jewish people : forty years since Nostra aetate / David M. Neuhaus
Confucianism and Christianity / Umberto Bresciani
Buddhism and Christianity. A synthetic presentation of Buddhism / Francis Brassard ; A Christian-Catholic appraisal of Buddhism / Franco Sottocornola and Maria A. De Giorgi
Hinduism and Christianity. God in the Rigveda / Bhagyalata Pataskar ; God in the Upanishads / Subhash Anand ; Self-realization as God-realization / Christopher Shelke ; Appendix to the chapter Catholic engagement with Hinduism : some concluding observations / Karl J. Becker and Gavin D'Costa
Islam as it understands itself / Maurice Borrmans
Looking backward and forward / Karl J. Becker and Ilaria Morali.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Becker, Karl Josef, 1928-
Morali, Ilaria, 1962-
Borrmans, Maurice.
D'Costa, Gavin, 1958-
9781570758287 (pbk.)
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