[Medical and astrological miscellany] [manuscript].

Stegmüller, Heinrich.
[Buchau, Germany], 1443.
72 leaves : parchment, col. ill. ; 230 x 163 (160 x 110) mm. bound to 240 x 170 mm.
Astrology -- Early works to 1800.
Traditional medicine -- Early works to 1800.
Zodiac in art.
Four temperaments in art.
Pen-and-wash drawings.
Manuscripts, German -- 15th century.
Manuscripts, Latin -- 15th century.
Manuscripts, Renaissance.
German with Latin calendar and colophon.
Calendar for the diocese of Constance, combining liturgical and medical information, followed by a compilation of German texts concerning astrology and medicine.
1. f.1r-18v: [Calendar for the diocese of Constance]
2. f.19r-28v: [Treatise on the signs of the zodiac]
3. f.29r-40r: [Treatise on the planets and their children]
4. f.40r-42r: [Treatise on the skies]
5. f.42r-46r: [Treatise on the four complexions or temperaments]
6. f.46r-72r: [Instructions on bloodletting, cupping, bathing, and the power of air, and recipes for various powders]
7. f.73r-74r: [Genealogical notes concerning the Gundelfingen family]
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Foliation: Parchment, i (paper) + 72 + i (paper); 1-9⁸ 10²; [1-74]; modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto.
Layout: Written in 31-34 long lines; frame-ruled in faint ink, with ruling in faint ink visible for rubrics in textura.
Script: Written in Gothic textura (calendar and rubrics) and cursive script in the hand of Heinrich Stegmüller, followed by later notes in 2 different hands (f. 73r-74r).
Decoration: 53 pen-and-wash illustrations, mostly in medallions, including the signs of the zodiac and labors of the months (f. 1r-18v); another set of the signs of the zodiac (f. 19r-28v); male and female figures representing the planets, sun, and moon (Saturn, f. 30r; Jupiter, f. 32r; Mars, f. 33r; the Sun, f. 34v; Venus, f. 35v; Mercury, f. 36v; the Moon, f. 37v); a scene of two men reading and making astronomical observations outdoors (f. 41v); scenes representing the four temperaments (f. 43r-45v); and medical illustrations (f. 52r-69v).
Binding: Pressed pigskin with metal clasps.
Origin: Signed in Buchau (near Biberach), northeast of Lake Constance in southern Germany, 1443.
Local notes:
Lawrence J. Schoenberg & Barbara Brizdle Manuscript Initiative.
Penn Provenance:
Formerly held in the Fürstlich Fürstenbergische Hofbibliothek (Donaueschingen, Germany; stamps, f. 1r, 74r).
Appears in Jörn Günther's Selection of manuscripts and miniatures (2003), no. 12.
Sold by Sam Fogg Ltd. (London) to Lawrence J. Schoenberg, June 2004.
Deposit by Lawrence J. Schoenberg and Barbara Brizdle, 2011.
Cited in:
Described in Transformation of knowledge: early manuscripts from the collection of Lawrence J. Schoenberg (London: Paul Holberton, 2006), p. 70-71 (LJS 463).
Cited as:
LJS 463
Fürstlich Fürstenbergische Hofbibliothek (Donaueschingen, Germany), former owner.
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