Visible language : inventions of writing in the ancient Middle East and beyond / edited by Christopher Woods with the assistance of Geoff Emberling & Emily Teeter.

Chicago, Ill. : Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2010.
Oriental Institute Museum publications ; no. 32.
Oriental Institute Museum publications ; no. 32
240 p. : ill. (some col.), col. maps ; 30 cm.
Writing -- Middle East -- History -- Exhibitions.
Egyptian language -- Writing -- History -- Exhibitions.
Cuneiform writing -- History -- Exhibitions.
Picture-writing -- History -- Exhibitions.
Writing -- History -- Exhibitions.
This unique exhibit is the result of collaborative efforts of more than twenty authors and loans from five museums. It focuses on the independent invention of writing in at least four different places in the Old world and Mesoamerica with the earliest texts of Uruk, Mesopotamia (5,300 BC) shown in the United States for the first time. Visitors to the exhibit and readers of this catalog can see and compare the parallel pathways by which writing came into being and was used by the earliest kingdoms of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and the Maya world.
Foreword / Gil J. Stein
Preface / Geoff Emberling
Introduction. Visible language : the earliest writing systems / Christopher Woods
Cuneiform in Mesopotamia and Anatolia. Iconography of protoliterate seals / Oya Topc̜uoǧlu
The earliest Mesopotamian wrtings / Christopher Woods ; Object descriptions : catalog nos. 1-58
Adaptation of cuneiform to write Akkadian / Andrea Seri ; Object descriptions : catalog nos. 59-62
The rise and fall of cuneiform script in Hittite Anatolia / Theo van den Hout ; Object descriptions : catalog no. 63
Egyptian writing. The concept and development of the Egyptian writing system / Elise V. MacArthur ; Egyptian myth of the creation of writing ; Object descriptions : catalog nos. 64-79
The earliest Egyptian writing / Andréas Stauder
Egyptian hieroglyphic writing / Janet H. Johnson ; Object descriptions : catalog nos. 80-82
Orientation of hieroglyphs ; Writing in Nefermaat / Julie Stauder-Porchet
The potency of writing in Egypt / Emily Teeter
Hieratic / Kathryn E. Bandy ; Object descriptions : catalog nos. 83-84
Demotic / Janet H. Johnson ; Object descriptions : catalog no. 85
Ptolemaic hieroglyphs / Franc̜ois Gaudard ; Object descriptions : catalog no. 86
Coptic / T.G. Wilfong
Alphabetic writing. Invention and development of the alphabet / Joseph Lam ; Object descriptions : catalog nos. 89-94
Anatolian hieroglyphs. Anatolian hieroglyphic writing / Ilya Yakubovich ; Object descriptions : catalog nos. 95-99
China Mesoamerican hieroglyphs. The beginnings of writing in China / Edward L. Shaughnessy ; Object descriptions : catalog nos. 100-101
Mesoamerican hieroglyps. The developemnt of Maya writing / Joel Palka ; Object descriptions : catalog no. 102
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Exhibition catalog held at the Oriental Institute of Chicago.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the George Clapp Vaillant Book Fund.
Woods, Christopher, 1968-
Emberling, Geoff.
Teeter, Emily.
University of Chicago. Oriental Institute.
George Clapp Vaillant Book Fund.
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