The Freudian robot : digital media and the future of the unconscious / Lydia H. Liu.

Liu, Lydia He.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2010.
p. cm.
Conscious automata -- Moral and ethical aspects.
Cybernetics -- Moral and ethical aspects.
Robotics -- Moral and ethical aspects.
Robotics -- Human factors.
Introduction: the psychic life of digital media
Where is the writing of digital media?
Why civilization matters
Postmodernity and new media
Conceptual lacunae
Fundamental challenge to literary theory
The techne of the unconscious
The invention of printed English
How the English alphabet gained a new letter
What is printed English?
The genetic code and grammatology
The ideographic turn of the phonetic alphabet
The number game in the empires of the mind
Sense and nonsense in the psychic machine
Finnegans wake: a hypermnesiac machine?
Ispace: Joyce's paper wounds
Schizoprenic writing at Bell Labs
The cybernetics group
The psychic machine
The cybernetic unconscious
French theory or American theory?
Lacan reading Poe: "the seminar on "The purloined letter""
Les jeux: game and play on the symbolic chain
The cybernetic unconscious
Return to sender
The Freudian robot
The uncanny in the automaton
The psychic life of media
What is the medium of das Unheimliche?
The uncanny valley
The neurotic machine
Minsky and the cognitive unconscious
The future of the unconscious
The missed rendezvous between critical theory and cybernetics
The ideology machine
Our game with the little "letters."
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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