Dialectica co[n]gesta et collecta diligenter & no[n] sine labore / a Joanne Altenstaig Mindelhaimensi ex auctorib[us] veriorib[us] et fide dignissimis, pro fratrib[us] Monasterij Pollinge[n]sis Ordinis diui Augustini Canonico[rum] regulariu[m], et pro logice studere inci[per]e volentib[us] ; additus breuiter opinionibus philosopho[rum] summorum inter se diglandiantium ; questio q[ue] q[ue]rit[ur] an subditi religiosi mitte[n]di sunt ad Gymnasiu[m] q[ue] [con]tinet[ur] vtilitas scie[n]tie tam humane quam diui[n]e, & q[uod] officiu[m] p[re]lati & q[uod] subditi.

Altensteig, Johann, d. after 1523.
[Hagenau] : Expensis ... Ioannis Rynman de Oringau, & labore industrij Henrici Gran in oppido Hagenau excusa sunt ..., Anno nostre redemptionis MD supra XIIII [1514]
[228] p. ; 22 cm. (4to)

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s&os m.a- moo- tepl (C) 1514 (R)
Logic -- Early works to 1800.
Bevelled edge boards (Binding)
Wooden boards (Binding)
Clasps (Binding)
Place of Publication:
France Haguenau.
Imprint from colophon on leaf s7v, which reads: Dialectica a Ioanne Altenstaig Mindelhaimensi co[n]gesta omnib[us] studiosis logices, tam vtilia [quam] necessaria: cum eiusdem inquisitione: an religiosi mittendi sint ad Gymnasium publicum: expensis integerrimi viri Ioannis Rynman de Oringau: & labore industrij Henrici Gran in oppido Hagenau excusa sunt. xvij. ka[lendas] Maij Anno nostre redemptionis. M.D. supra. xiiij.
Signatures: pi⁴ a-b⁸ c-s⁴/⁸.
Leaves pi4 and s8 are blanks.
Leaves pi2 and pi3 signed "2" and "3", respectively; leaf f2 signed "f 4".
Without pagination.
Title within woodcut border; woodcut initial.
Local notes:
Purchased for the Penn Libraries in 1957.
Penn Libraries copy bound in contemporary one quarter blind-stamped pig over beveled-edge wooden boards; 2 raised bands on spine; ms. label with brief title in red and black ("Dialecti Ioanni Altenstaig") at head of spine; ms. label with shelf-mark at foot of spine; early ms. label with illegible inscription (title?) on upper board; remains of one leather and metal clasp with metal catchplate.
Penn Libraries copy has engraved bookplate ("Bibliotheca Conventus Bulsanensis ad S: Franciscum Ord: Min: Ref: Prov: Turol:" surrounding an image of St. Francis receiving the stigmata) of the Franziskanerkloster in Bolzano, Italy, on front pastedown; ms. ownership inscription ("Pro Conuentu Bolz: FF: Min: Franciscano[rum].") of the Franziskanerkloster in Bolzano, Italy, at head of title leaf.
Penn Libraries copy has some ms. underlines and notes in brown ink; a few ms. underlines, notes and capital strokes in red ink.
Penn Provenance:
Franziskanerkloster (Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy) (bookplate) (former owner) (inscription)
Franciscans (Bolzano, Italy) (bookplate) (former owner) (inscription)
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
VD 16 A1980
Rynman, Johann, fl. 1497-1522, publisher.
Gran, Henri, d. 1527, printer.
Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
German Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)