Transformations of Lamarckism : from subtle fluids to molecular biology / edited by Snait B. Gissis and Eva Jablonka ; with illustrations by Anna Zeligowski.

Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2011.
xvi, 457 p. ; ill. ; 24 cm.
Vienna series in theoretical biology.
Vienna series in theoretical biology

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Evolution (Biology) -- History.
Natural selection.
Adaptation (Biology).
Evolutionary genetics.
Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de, 1744-1829.
Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882.
Evolution (Biology) -- Philosophy -- History.
Lamarck, Darwin, and the contemporary debate about levels of selection / Gabriel Motzkin
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck : from myth to history / Pietro Corsi
Lamarckian problematics in historical perspective / Snait B. Gissis
Lamarck, Cuvier, and Darwin on animal behavior and acquired characters / Richard W. Burkhardt Jr.
The golden age of Lamarckism, 1866-1926 / Sander Gliboff
Germinal selection : a Weismannian solution to Lamarckian problematics / Charlotte Weissman
The notions of plasticity and heredity among French neo-Lamarckians (1880-1940) : from complementarity to incompatibility / Laurent Loison
Lamarckism and Lysenkoism revisited / Nils Roll-Hansen
Lamarckism and the constitution of sociology / Snait B. Gissis
The exclusion of soft ("Lamarckian") inheritance from the modern synthesis / Snait B. Gissis and Eva Jablonka
Attitudes to soft inheritance in Great Britain, 1930s-1970s / Marion J. Lamb
The decline of soft inheritance / Scott Gilbert
Why did the modern synthesis give short shrift to "soft inheritance"? / Adam Wilkins
The modem synthesis : discussion
Lamarckian problematics in biology / Eva Jablonka
Lamarck's dangerous idea / Stuart A. Newman and Ramray Bhat
Behavior, stress, and evolution in light of the Novosibirsk selection experiments / Arkady L. Markel and Lyudmila N. Trut
The role of cellular plasticity in the evolution of regulatory novelty / Erez Braun and Lior David
Evolutionary implications of individual plasticity / Sonia E. Sultan
Epigenetic variability in a predator-prey system / Sivan Pearl, Amos Oppenheim, and Nathalie Q. Balaban
Cellular epigenetic inheritance in the twenty-first century / Eva Jablonka
An evolutionary role for RNA-mediated epigenetic variation? / Minoo Rassoulzadegan
Maternal and transgenerational influences on human health / Peter D. Gluckman, Mark A. Hanson, and Tatjana Buklijas
Plants : individuals or epigenetic cell populations? / Marcello Buiatti
Instantaneous genetic and epigenetic alterations in the wheat genome caused by allopolyploidization / Moshe Feldman and Avraham A. Levy
Lamarckian leaps in the microbial world / Jan Sapp
Symbionts as an epigenetic source of heritable variation / Scott F. Gilbert
Lamarckian problematics in the philosophy of biology / Snait B. Gissis and Eva Jablonka
Mind the gaps : why are niche construction models so rarely used? / Ayelet Shayit and James Griesemer
Our plastic nature / Paul Griffiths
The relative significance of epigenetic inheritance in evolution : some philosophical considerations / James Griesemer
The metastable genome : a Lamarckian organ in a Darwinian world? / Ehud Lamm
Self-organization, self-assembly, and the inherent activity of matter / Evelyn F. Keller
Ramifications and future directions / Snait B. Gissis and Eva Jablonka
Lamarck on the nervous system : past insights and future perspectives / Simona Ginsburg
Lamarck's "Pouvoir de la nature" demystified : a thermodynamic foundation to Lamarck's concept of progressive evolution / Francis Dov Por
Prokaryotic epigenetic inheritance and its role in evolutionary genetics / Luisa Hirschbein
Evolution as progressing complexity / Raphael Falk
Epigenetics and the "new biology" : enlisting in the assault on reductionism / Alfred I. Tauber
Epigenetic inheritance : where does the field stand today? : what do we still need to know? / Adam Wilkins
Final discussion
Appendix A. Mandelstam's poem "Lamarck"
Appendix B. Mechanisms of cell heredity.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Gissis, Snait, 1945-
Jablonka, Eva.
9780262015141 (hardcover : alk. paper)
0262015145 (hardcover : alk. paper)