Wilāyat al-Mawṣil : taqrīr Lajnat ʻUṣbat al-Umam al-khāṣṣah bi-ḥall al-nizāʻ al-Turkī-al-Barīṭānī ḥawla Wilāyat al-Mawṣil, 1924-1925 / murājaʻat wa-taḥqīq ʻAbd al-Razzāq Maḥmūd al-Qaysī. = ولاية الموصل : تقرير لجنة عصبة الأمم الخاصة بحل النزاع التركي-البريطاني حول ولاية الموصل، ١٩٢٤-١٩٢٥ / مراجعة وتحقيق عبد الرزاق محمود القيسي.

al-Sulaymānīyah [Iraq] : Markaz Kūrdūlūjī, [2009]
السليمانية [العراق] : مركز كوردولوجي، [2009]
234 p. ; 24 cm.

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Other Title:
Title on p. [4] of cover: Mousil Province : League of Nations report about Mousil Province, 1924-1925
Mosul Province : League of Nations report about Mosul Province, 1924-1925
Nīnawá (Iraq) -- History.
Mosul (Iraq) -- History.
Iraq -- Boundaries -- Turkey.
Turkey -- Boundaries -- Iraq.
British -- Iraq -- Nīnawá -- History.
Turks -- Iraq -- Nīnawá -- History.
League of Nations.
"The League resolved a dispute between the Kingdom of Iraq and the Republic of Turkey over control of the former Ottoman province of Mosul in 1926. According to the British, who had been awarded a League of Nations mandate over Iraq in 1920 and therefore represented Iraq in its foreign affairs, Mosul belonged to Iraq; on the other hand, the new Turkish republic claimed the province as part of its historic heartland. A League of Nations Commission of Inquiry, with Belgian, Hungarian and Swedish members, was sent to the region in 1924; it found that the people of Mosul did not want to be part of either Turkey or Iraq, but if they had to choose, they would pick Iraq. In 1925, the commission recommended that the region stay part of Iraq, under the condition that the British hold the mandate over Iraq for another 25 years, to ensure the autonomous rights of the Kurdish population. The League Council adopted the recommendation and decided on 16 December 1925 to award Mosul to Iraq. Although Turkey had accepted League of Nations' arbitration in the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, it rejected the decision, questioning the Council's authority. The matter was referred to the Permanent Court of International Justice, which ruled that, when the Council made a unanimous decision, it must be accepted. Nonetheless, Britain, Iraq and Turkey ratified a separate treaty on 5 June 1926 that mostly followed the decision of the League Council and also assigned Mosul to Iraq. It was agreed, however, that Iraq could still apply for League membership within 25 years and that the mandate would end upon its admittance"--Wikipedia.
Includes bibliographical references.
Qaysī, ʻAbd al-Razzāq Maḥmūd.
League of Nations. Council.
قيسي، عبد الرزاق محمود.