The SAGE handbook of GIS and society / edited by Trimothy L. Nyerges, Helen Couclelis and Robert McMaster.

Other Title:
GIS and society
Geographic Information Systems and society
Los Angeles : Sage, 2011
xvi, 559 p. : ill., maps, 26 cm.
Geographic information systems.
Sociology -- Data processing.
Part I Introduction
Geographic information systems and society: a twenty year research perspective / Timothy L. Nyerges ; Robert McMaster ; Helen Coucletis
Part II GIS and society research
Section 1 Founations of GIS and society research
Concepts, principles, tools, and challenges in spatially integrated social science / Donald G. Janelle ; Michael F. Goodchild
Geographic ontologies and society / Marino kavouras ; Margarita Kokla
The social potential of GIS / Stacy Warren
Critical GIS / Sarah Elwood ; Nadine Schuurman ; Matthew W. Wilson
Section 2 GIS and modern life
Connecting geospatial information to society through cyberinfrastructure / Marc P. Armstrong ; Timothy L. Nyerges ; Shaowen Wang ; Dawn Wright
Environmental Sustainability: the role of geographic information science and sptial data infrastructures in the integration of people and nature / Clodoven A. Davis, Jr. ; Frederico T. Fonseca ; Gilberto Camara
GIS and population health: an overview / Nadine Schuurman ; Nathaniel Bell
Cogito ergo mobilis sum: the impact of location-based services on our mobile lives / Martin Raubal
Section 3 Alternative representations in GIS an dsociety research
Human-scaled visualizations and society / Dimitris Ballas ; Danny Dorling
Indigenous peoples' issues and indigenous uses of GIS / Melinda Laituri
Spatial modeling of social networks / Carter T. Butts ; Ryan M. Acton
GIS designs for studying human activities / Hongbo Yu ; Shih-Lung Shaw
Section 4 GIS in organisations and institutions
Emerging frameworks in the information age: the spatial data infrastructure (SDI) phenomenon / Ian Masser
Spatial data infrastructure for cadastres: foundations and challenges / Francis Harvey
A GIS-based computer-supported collaborative work flow system in urban planning / Anthony G. O. Yeh ; Kenneth S. S. Tang
GIS and emergency management / Christopher T. Emrich ; Susan L. Cutter ; Paul J. Weschler
Section 5 GIS in public participation and community development
Designing public participation geographic information systems / Piotr Jankowski
Online public participation GIS for spatial planning / Richard Kingston
Participatory approaches in GIS and society research: foundations, practices, and future directions / Sarah Elwood
PPGIS implementation and the transformation of US planning practice / Laxmi Ramasubramanian
Politics and power in participation and GIS use for community decision making / Rina Ghose
Section 6 Value, fairness and privacy in a GIS context
Geographic information value assessment / Roger Longhorn
Geovisualization fo spatial equity / Emily Talen
Natural resource conflicts, their management, and GIS applications / Peter A. Kwaku Kyem
Legal and ethical issues of using geospatial technologies in society / Daniel Z. Sui
Part III Conclusion
GIS and society research: reflections and emerging themes / Helen Couclelis ; Timothy L. Nyerges ; Robert McMaster.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Nyerges, Timothy L.
Couclelis, Helen.
Macmaster, Robert.
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