Oxygen transport to tissue XXXII / Joseph C. LaManna ... [et al.], editors.

International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue. Meeting (37th : 2009 : Cleveland, Ohio)
New York [N.Y.] : Springer Science+Business Media, c2011.
xxx, 368 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Advances in experimental medicine and biology ; 0065-2598 v. 701,
Advances in experimental medicine and biology

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Other Title:
Oxygen transport to tissue 32
Oxygen transport to tissue thirty-two
Oxygen -- Physiological transport -- Congresses.
Tissue respiration -- Congresses.
Medical subjects:
Oxygen Consumption -- physiology -- Congresses.
Biological Transport -- physiology -- Congresses.
Oxygen -- metabolism -- Congresses.
pt. 1. Near infrared spectroscopy. The Western Reserve, Edward Morley, and oxygen / Joseph C. LaManna
Analysis of the changes in the oxidation of brain tissue cytochrom-c-oxidase in traumatic brain injury patients during hypercapnoea / Ilias Tachtsidis ... [et al.]
Effects of assuming constant optical scattering on haemoglobin concentration measurements using NIRS during a Valsalva manoeuvre / Lei Gao ... [et al.]
Speech therapy changes blood circulation and oxygenation in the brain and muscle / Martin Woilf, Dietrich von Bonin, and Ursula Wolf
pt. 2. Oxygen sensors and measurement. Evaluation of lithium naphthalocyanine (LiNc) microcrystals for biological EPR oximetry / Ramasamy P. Pandian ... [et al.]
Challenges to intestinal pO₂ measurement using EPR / Elaine Fisher ... [et al.]
Quantification of systemic interference in optical topography data during frontal lobe and motor cortex activation: an independent component analysis / Sundeep Patel ... [et al.]
Measuring oxygen in live tissue: intravascular, interstitial, and "tissue" oxygen measurements / David F. Wilson ... [et al.]
Cerebral oxygenation of the cortex and striatum following normobaric hyperoxia and mild hypoxia in rats by EPR oximetry using multi-probe implantable resonators / Huagang Hou ... [et al.]
³¹P-MRS studies of melanoma xenografts with different metastatic potential / Lin Z. Li ... [et al.]
Modulation of tumor hypoxia by topical formulations with vasodilators for enhancing therapy / Zrinka Abramovic ... [et al.]
pt. 3. Blood and blood substitutes. MP4, a vasodilatory PEGylated hemoglobin / Russell H. Cole and Kim D. Vandegriff
Zymogen protein C to prevent clotting without bleeding during invasive medical procedures / Duane F. Bruley, Sanjay B. Jagannath, and Michael B. Streiff
pt. 4. Tumor biology. Oxygenation status of urogenital tumors / Peter Vaupel, Michael Hoeckel, and Arnulf Mayer
Tumor pO₂ as a surrogate marker to identify therapeutic window during metronomic chemotherapy of 9L gliomas / Sriram Mupparaju ... [et al.]
Hypoxia-induced extracellular acidosis increases p-glycoprotein activity and chemoresistance in tumors in Vivo via p38 signaling pathway / Oliver Thews ... [et al.]
Evidence against a major role for TKTL-1 in hypoxic and normoxic cancer cells / Arnulf Mayer, Angelika von Wallbrunn, and Peter Vaupel
NMR metabolic and physiological markers of therapeutic response / Seung-Cheol Lee ... [et al.]
Characterizing breast cancer mouse xenografts with T₁[rho]-MRI / Lin Z. Li, He N. Xu, and Ravinder Reddy
Effect of AEM energy applicator configuration on magnetic nanoparticle mediated hyperthermia for breast cancer / Krishna K. Sanapala, Kapila Hewaparakrama, and Kyung A. Kang
Highly specific, NIR fluorescent contrast agent with emission controlled by gold nanoparticle / Jianting Wang ... [et al.]
pt. 5. Presidential symposium. Oral pioglitazone reduces infarction volume and improves neurologic function following MCAO in rats / D'Arbra Blankenship ... [et al.]
pt. 6. Angiogenesis. Chronic mild hypoxia ameliorates chronic inflammatory activity in myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG) peptide induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) / Paula Dore-Duffy ... [et al.]
Effect of oxygenation on stem-cell therapy for myocardial infarction / Mahmood Khan ... [et al.]
pt. 7. Mitochondrial metabolism. Regulation of cytosolic and mitochondrial oxidation via malate-aspartate shuttle: an observation using dynamic ¹³C NMR spectroscopy / Ming Lu ... [et al.]
In vivo assessment of oxygen consumption via deuterium magnetic resonance / Gheorghe D. Mateescu ... [et al.]
Elevated mitochondrial DNA copy number and POL-[gamma] expression but decreased expression of TFAM in murine intestine following therapeutic dose irradiation / Hengshan Zhang ... [et al.]
Heterogeneity of mitochondrial redox state in premalignant pancreas in a PTEN null transgenic mouse model / He N. Xu ... [et al.]
Potential application of ¹⁷O MRI to human ischemic stroke / Robert DeLaPaz and Pradeep Gupte
pt. 8. Development. Fetal cerebral oxygenation: the homeostatic role of vascular adaptations to hypoxic stress / William J. Pearce ... [et al.]
Impaired cerebral autogregulation using near-infrared spectroscopy and its relation to clinical outcomes in premature infants / Alexander Caicedo ... [et al.]
pt. 9. Systems modeling. Variable ATP yields and uncoupling of oxygen consumption in human brain / Albert Gjedde ... [et al.]
Interpretation of NMR spectroscopy human brain data with a multi-compartment computational model of cerebral metabolism / Rossana Occhipinti, Erkki Somersalo, and Daniela Calvetti
Regional brain blood flow in mouse: quantitative measurement using a single-pass radio-tracer method and a mathematical algorithm / K. Xu ... [et al.]
pt. 10. Microcirculation and wound healing. Wound healing in diabetes: hemorheological and microcirculatory aspects / Giuseppe Cicco, Francesco Giorgino, and Sebastiano Cicco
Modeling O₂-dependent effects of nitrite reductase activity in blood and tissue on coupled NO and O₂ transport around arterioles / Donald G. Buerk, Kenneth A. Barbee, and Dov Jaron
Skin SO₂ measurement using visible lightguide spectrophotometry in a black population: a feasibility study / David K. Harrison, André R. Greenidge, and R. Clive Landis
Antioxidant properties of quercetin / Mei Zhang ... [et al.]
Antioxidant properties of select radiation mitigators based on semicarbazone and pyrazole derivatives of curcumin / Steven G. Swarts ... [et al.]
pt. 11. Gas transport. Impact or intracellular diffusion of oxygen in hypoxic sensing / Eiji Takahashi and Michihiko Sato
Micropores in the vitteline layer of the eggs of the dragonfly Oligaoeshna pryeri: a preliminary observation from the viewpoint of oxygen uptake / Tomiyasu Koyama, Hiroko Takano, and Tohru Yokoyama
pt. 12. Hypoxic adaptation. A heat-shock protein co-inducer treatment improves behavioral performance in rats exposed to hypoxia / Kui Xu ... [et al.]
Chronic intermittent hypoxia-induced augmented cardiorespiratory outflow mediated by vasopressin-V₁[A] receptor signaling in the medulla / Prabha Kc ... [et al.]
Effect of inspiration of 12%O₂ (balance N₂) on cardiac output, respiration, oxygen saturation, and oxygen delivery / M. Bell, C.D. Thanke, and C.B. Wolff
pt. 13. Exercise physiology. Sufficient oxygen can be transported to resting skeletal muscle via arterialization of the vein: theoretical considerations in a rat model / Tomiyasu Koyama and Tomiyasu Koyama
Skeletal muscle perfusion and oxygenation assessed by dynamic NMR imaging and spectroscopy / P.G. Carlier
Hemoglobin and myoglobin contributions to skeletal muscle oxygenation in response to exercise / Jessica Spires ... [et al.]
Estimation of muscle fatigue using surface electromyography and near-infrared spectroscopy / Joachim Taelman ... [et al.].
Selected conference papers from the 37th annual meeting of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue, held in Cleveland, Ohio, July 5-9, 2009.
Includes bibiographical references and indexes.
LaManna, Joseph C. , Editor