Something about the author. Volume 173 [electronic resource] / Lisa Kumar, project editor.

Detroit, Mich. : Gale, c2007.
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SATA online.
Something about the author online.
Allison, Jennifer.
Anderson, Sara.
Auch, Herm.
Auch, Mary Jane.
Bartoletti, Susan Campbell.
Bausum, Ann.
Behler, John L.
Berkes, Marianne.
Bildner, Phil.
Bonnett-Rampersaud, Louise.
Broach, Elise.
Budhos, Marina Tamar.
Bustard, Anne, 1951-.
Carbone, Elisa.
Carlson, Laurie M., 1952-.
Cassels, Jean.
Cheng, Christopher.
Couloumbis, Audrey.
Danneberg, Julie, 1958-.
Durango, Julia.
Durkee, Sarah.
Ettlinger, Doris.
Fleming, Denise, 1950-.
Gallego Garca̕, Laura, 1977-.
Geras, Adl̈e.
Greene, Stephanie.
Gruber, Michael, 1940-.
Hakim, Joy.
Hallensleben, Georg.
Hautman, Pete, 1952-.
Heck, Edward.
Hemstock, Gillian, 1956-.
Penney, Mary.
Hills, Tad.
Hoban, Tana.
Horton, James Oliver.
Hu, Ying-Hwa.
Ives, David.
Johns, Linda.
Kidd, Ronald.
Kleven, Elisa.
Langley, Wanda.
Lewis, Kevin.
Lewis, Paeony.
Lodge, Jo.
Mackay, Donald A.
Mannis, Celeste Davidson.
Mark, Jan, 1943-2006.
Marley, Louise, 1952-.
McCaughrean, Geraldine.
McLeod, Bob.
Michelson, Richard.
Micklos, John, Jr.
Mikaelsen, Ben, 1952-.
Nascimbene, Yan.
Park, Ginger.
Park, Linda Sue.
Piven, Hanoch, 1963-.
Proimos, James.
Quay, Emma.
Schaefer, Carole Lexa.
Shen, Michele.
Shepherd, Irana.
Shiraz, Yasmin.
Spiotta-DiMare, Loren.
Stewart, Chantal.
Strickland, Tessa.
Tagliaferro, Linda.
Todd, Barbara.
Tooke, Susan.
Tyler, Anne.
Van Dusen, Chris.
Van Wright, Cornelius.
Young, Ed.
Authors -- Biography.
Children's literature -- Bibliography.
Illustrators -- Biography.
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Mode of access: World Wide Web.
Series covers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs.
Jennifer Allison
Sara Anderson
Herm Auch
Mary Jane Auch
Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Ann Bausum
John L. Behler (Obit. Notice)
Marianne Berkes
Phil Bildner
Louise Bonnett-Rampersaud
Elise Broach
Marina Budhos
Anne Bustard
Elisa Carbone
Laurie Carlson
Jean Cassels
Christopher Cheng
Audrey Couloumbis
Julie Danneberg
Julia Durango
Sarah Durkee
Doris Ettlinger
Denise Fleming
Laura Gallego Garca̕
Adl̈e Geras
Stephanie Greene
Michael Gruber
Joy Hakim
Georg Hallensleben
Pete Hautman
Ed Heck
Mary Hershey
Tad Hills
Tana Hoban (Obit. Notice)
James O. Horton
Ying-Hwa Hu
David Ives
Linda Johns
Ronald Kidd
Elisa Kleven
Wanda Langley
Kevin Lewis
Paeony Lewis
Jo Lodge
Donald Mackay (Obit. Notice)
Celeste Davidson Mannis
Jan Mark (Obit. Notice)
Louise Marley
Geraldine McCaughrean
Bob McLeod
Richard Michelson
John Micklos, Jr.
Ben Mikaelsen
Yan Nascimbene
Ginger Park
Linda Sue Park
Hanoch Piven
James Proimos
Emma Quay
Carole Lexa Schaefer
Michele Shen
Irana Shepherd
Yasmin Shiraz
Loren Spiotta-DiMare
Chantal Stewart
Tessa Strickland
Linda Tagliaferro
Barbara Todd
Susan Tooke
Anne Tyler
Chris Van Dusen
Cornelius Van Wright
Ed Young.
"Facts and pictures about authors and illustrators of books for young people."
"ISSN 0276-816X".
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Kumar, Lisa, editor.
Gale Group.
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