Science in America : historical selections / Edited by John C. Burnham.

Burnham, John C. (John Chynoweth), 1929- compiler.
New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1971. , ©1971
x, 495 pages ; 24 cm
Science -- United States -- History.
Place of Publication:
United States New York (State) New York (City).
The beginnings of American science
A Puritan and pioneer reports to English scientists / John Winthrop, Jr.
Gentlemen carry out exotic experimental zoology in a new world community / Captain Hall
A merchant produces first-rate science in a Philadelphia garden / James Logan
A great mind turns uplifting entertainment into theoretical innovation / Benjamin Franklin
A well-read physician's facts and fancies as respectable science / Hugh Williamson
A political conservative discredits Enlightenment science / David Daggett
A French emigre surveys the legacy of Enlightenment enthusiasm and achievement / Felix Pascals
The nineteenth century
The president of a scientific institution surveys the study of natural history / James E. DeKay
A religiously orthodox lawyer defends science and material progress / Timothy Walker
A distinguished physiological theorist attacks new applications of chemistry / Charles Caldwell
A logical scientific society receives the world's first description of the gorilla / Thomas S. Savage and Jeffries Wyman
A botanist introduces Darwin's theory of the origin of species / Asa Gray
An orthodox zoologist attacks Darwin on religious and scientific grounds / Louis Agassiz
A young physicist surveys science as it existed in one year / John Trowbridge
A physician explores the physical correlates of human thinking / Oliver Wendell Holmes
An astronomer bemoans the condition of the exact sciences in America / Simon Newcomb
A chemist suggests that science in unraveling the riddle of life / Ira Remsen
A teacher blames higher education for the backwardness of American science / F.W. Clarke
A scientific administrator asserts the adequancy of positivistic science / J.W. Powell
The early twentieth century: prestige and maturity
A physicist describes science and his faith in its goodness / Arthur Gordon Webster
A biologist offers a mechanistic explanation of life and ethics / Jacques Loeb
A psychologist suggests breeding better people on the basis of the science of genetics / Edward L. Thorndike
A physicist describes the mobilization of scientists in World War I / Robert A. Millikan
A Protestant biologist defends Darwin and science from a new attack / Edward L. Rice
A theologian says science fails to produce creativity and well-being / John Wright Buckham
A physicist embraces uncertainty and finds a new vision of science / P.W. Bridgman
A biologist reviews and contributions of Thomas Hunt Morgan to genetics / Fernandus Payne
The middle of the twentieth century: big science
An astronomer discusses his science and the need for cooperative research / Otto Struve
A conservative scientist finds himself in a world unfriendly to science / William James Lyons
Two nuclear scientists try to influence who controls atomic energy / H.H. Goldsmith and E. Rabinowitch
A scientific leader assesses the uncertain future of postwar American science / Frank B. Jewett
A technical editor details the efforts of the scientific establishment to discredit a writer / Ralph E. Juergens
A geneticist explores the possibilities for controlling life / T.M. Sonneborn
A science writer inquires into the place of scientists in public life / Donald W. Cox
A physicist suggests that scientific technology can solve many social problems / Alvin M. Weinberg
The President's science adviser talks to physicists about research / Donald F. Hornig
Nobel Prize winner doubts that scientific discovery can be directed / Charles H. Townes
Three ecologists suggest criteria for an optimum human environment / Hugu H. Iltis, Orie L. Loucks, and Peter Andrews.
Copyright ©1971 by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc."--verso of title page.
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Mark B. Adams Emergence of Modern Science Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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