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This collection of 157 documents discuss the Hohokam tradition in south central Arizona in the United States from around 2300 BP-500 BP (300 BC- AD 1500). Several documents provide overviews of the Hohokam tradition. One the best places to start is The Hohokam Millennium, edited by Fish and Fish, written for nonarchaeologists. Wallace follows with a description of one of the earliest Hohokam sites, Valencia Vieja, in the Tucson area. To further orient the reader, Crown writes about Hohokam daily life from birth to death. The other end of the spectrum is provided by Lopez, a modern descendant of the Hohokam, who writes about what the modern Tohono O'odham think about the ancient Hohokam. Additional detail about the topics covered within this collection can be found in the Collection overview portion of the Collection description page. Many of these documents were originally published in the following edited volumes: Excavations at Snaketown; Exploring the Hohokam; The Hohokam, desert farmers & craftsmen; The Hohokam millennium; The Hohokam village; The Hohokam village revisited; The Marana community in the Hohokam world; The Rossevelt community development study, new perspectives on Tonto Basin prehistory; Studies in the Hohkam Community of Marana; and A synthesis of Tonto Basin prehistory.
Ceramics and community organization among the Hohokam / David R. Abbott
O'odham traditions about the Hohokam / Donald M. Bahr
Artisans and their crafts in Hohokam society / James M. Bayman
Human skeletal remains / Kenneth A. Bennett
Instrument surveys at Snaketown / Hugh Bergh
Cremated human remains / Walter H. Birkby
Pioneer period village structure and settlement pattern in the Phoenix Basin / John S. Cable and David E. Doyel
In defense of the Polvorón phase / Mark L. Chenault
Hohokam households, settlement structure, and economy in the Lower Verde Valley / Richard Ciolek-Torrello, Eric E. Klucas, Stephanie M. Whittlesey
Domestic architecture in the early classic period ; Role of migration in social change ; San Pedro Valley perspective on ancestral pueblo migration in the Hohokam world / Jeffrey J. Clark
Social consequences of irrigation agriculture ; Raw data used in Meddler Point agricultural productivity analysis ; Demographic implications of architectural change at the Grewe site / Douglas B. Craig
Houses, households, and household organization / Douglas B. Craig and T. Kathleen Henderson
Growing up Hohokam ; Role of exchange and interaction in Salt-Gila Basin Hohokam prehistory / Patricia L. Crown
Corn from Snaketown / Hugh C. Cutler and Leonard Blake
Thoughts on Hohokam settlement behavior ; Thoughts on Hohokam chronology / Jeffery S. Dean
Songscapes and calendar sticks / J. Andrew Darling and Barnaby V. Lewis
Classic period platform mound systems in southern Arizona / William H. Doelle, David A. Gregory, and Henry D. Wallace
Rincon phase community reorganization in the Tucson Basin / William H. Doelle, Frederick W. Huntington, Henry D. Wallace
Tonto Basin demography in a regional perspective ; Method for estimating regional population ; Regional platform mound systems ; Laws, dollars, and scholars / William H. Doelle
Changing role of the Tucson Basin in the Hohokam regional system / William H. Doelle ; Henry D. Wallace
Prehistoric villages and communities in the Arizona desert / David E. Doyel and Suzanne K. Fish
Tradition Summary, Hohokam / David Doyel, Steven Lekson, and Devin White
Hohokam village ; Irrigation, production, and power in Phoenix Basin Hohokam society ; Settlement organization at Gila Bend ; Santan phase in the Phoenix Basin ; Hohokam cultural evolution in the Phoenix basin / David E. Doyel
Tonto Basin chronology and phase sequence / Mark D. Elson and David A. Gregory
New perspectives on Tonto Basin prehistory / Mark D. Elson, David A. Gregory, and Miriam T. Stark
Assessment of chronometric methods and dates ; Into the earth and up to the sky ; Southwest platform mounds from an ethnographic perspective / Mark D. Elson
References cited / Mark D. Elson, Miriam T. Stark, David A. Gregory
Hohokam archaeology in the eighties / Gary M. Feinman
Western Apache and Yavapai settlement in the Tonto Basin ; Excavation of a protohistoric Western Apache activity area at the Eagle Ridge site locus D / Alan Ferg
Evaluation of alluvial fan agriculture / John J. Field
Dairy site / Paul R. Fish, Suzanne K. Fish, John H. Madsen, Charles H. Miksicek, and Christine R. Szuter
Marana Mound site ; Hohokam political and social organization ; Community, territory, and polity / Paul R. Fish ; Suzanne K. Fish
Comments on The Hohokam Village / Paul R. Fish
Introduction to time, place, and research ; Early sedentism and agriculture in the northern Tucson Basin ; Evolution and structure of the Classic period Marana community ; Parameters of agricultural production in the northern Tucson basin / Suzanne K. Fish, Paul R. Fish, and John H. Madsen
Marana community in comparative context ; Hohokam millennium ; Civic-territorial organization and the roots of Hohokam complexity ; Maps, chronology, plates / Suzanne K. Fish and Paul R. Fish
Evidence for large-scale agave cultivation in the Marana community / Suzanne K. Fish, Paul R. Fish, and John H. Madsen
Desert as context / Suzanne K. Fish ; Gary P. Nabhan
Marana sites pollen analysis ; Evaluation of subsistence and specialization at the Marana sites / Suzanne K. Fish
Food for thought / Robert E. Gasser ; Scott M. Kwiatkowski
Cartography of Snaketown / Jonathan Gell
Analysis of pottery in Mound 29 / Harold S. Gladwin, Emil W. Haury, E. B. Sayles, Nora Gladwin
Approach to the problem ; Hohokam as of 1934 ; Pottery ; Conclusions / Harold S. Gladwin
Petrography of Snaketown pottery / Nora Gladwin
Faunal study of unworked mammalian bones / Jerry L. Greene and Thomas W. Mathews
Morphology of platform mounds and the structure of classic period Hohokam sites ; Prehistoric settlement patterns in the eastern Tonto Basin ; Terminology, methodologies for measurement, and comparative data for Tonto Basin architectural units / David A. Gregory
Hohokam ; Understanding the Hohokam / George J. Gumerman
Community-based craft specialization / Karen G. Harry
Hohokam, desert farmers & craftsmen ; Inventory of Snaketown houses ; Catalogue numbers of specimens illustrated ; Comments on symposium papers ; Stratigraphy ; Ball courts ; Snaketown Canal ; Stone ; Shell ; Bone ; Food ; Pottery types at Snaketown ; Figurines and miscellaneous clay objects ; Skeletal remains ; Minerals and metals / Emil W. Haury
Chemical investigations of the incrustation on pottery vessels and palettes from Snaketown / F. G. Hawley
Northern Tucson Basin research setting / T. Kathleen Henderson, Suzanne K. Fish, and Steven James
What is going on at the Hohokam village? / T. Kathleen Henderson and Mark R. Hackbarth
Growth of a Hohokam community ; Ceramics, dates, and the growth of the Marana community / T. Kathleen Henderson
Lehi canal system ; Quantitative approaches to spatial patterning in the Hohokam village / Jerry B. Howard
Hohokam patterns of faunal exploitation at Muchas Casas / Steven R. James
Hodges Ruin / Isabel T. Kelly, with the collaboration of James E. Officer & Emil W. Haury ; edited by Gayle Harrison Hartmann
Specialization and differentiation ; Economic specialization in the community system at Marana / JoAnn Kisselburg
Salado burial practices and social organization / Chris Loendorf
Huhugam / Daniel Lopez
Red Mountain phase and the origins of Hohokam villages / Jonathan B. Mabry
On the outside looking in / Randall H. McGuire
Hohokam and Mesoamerica / Randall H. McGuire and Elisa Villalpando C.
Avifauna / Charmion Randolph McKusick
Examination of the structure of copper bells / B. H. McLeod
Late Sedentary-Early Classic period Hohokam agriculture / Charles H. Miksicek
Fishes / W. L. Minckley
Cremations at the Marana site / Donald H. Morris and Dan Brooks
Hohokam material culture and behavior / Jill Neitzel
Micro-vertebrates / Stanley J. Olsen
Changing views of Snaketown in a larger landscape / John C. Ravesloot
Bureau of Reclamation Archaeological Projects in Tonto Basin / Glen E. Rice, Thomas R. Lincoln
Structuring the temporal dimension for Tonto Basin prehistory ; Setting ; Organization of trade and craft production in a Gila Phase Platform Mound complex ; Migration, emulation, and tradition in Tonto Basin prehistory ; Data appendix tables / Glen E. Rice
La Ciudad ; Investigations at a Classic period community complex ; Floor assemblages of the Marana community complex ; Marana community complex / Glen Rice
Settlement patterns and subsistence / Glen E. Rice, Theodore J. Oliver
Architecture, settlement types, and settlement complexes / Glen E. Rice, Charles L. Redman, David Jacobs, Owen Lindauer
Compounds, villages, and mounds / Glen E. Rice and Charles L. Redman
Production and exchange of economic goods / Glen E. Rice, Arleyn Simon, Christopher Loendorf
Metallurgy of Arizona and New Mexico / W. C. Root
Houses ; Disposal of the dead ; Stone ; Perishable materials / E. B. Sayles
X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis of obsidian artifacts from the Marana Hohokam complex / M. Steven Shackley
Hohokam architectural variability and site structure during the sedentary-classic tradition / Earl W. Sires, Jr.
Social boundaries and cultural identity in the Tonto Basin / Miriam T. Stark, Jeffery J. Clark, and Mark D. Elson
Commodities and interaction in the prehistoric Tonto / Miriam T. Stark
Salado dentition ; Physical anthropology synthesis of the Roosevelt Platform Mound study / Christy G. Turner II
Archaeology of an agave roasting location / Mary Van Buren, James M. Skibo, and Alan P. Sullivan III
Ceramic accumulation rates and prehistoric Tonto Basin households ; Mixture model and additional ceramic data ; Hohokam beginnings / Henry D. Wallace
Geomorphic analysis of Hohokam settlement patterns on alluvial fans along the western flank of the Tortolita Mountains, Arizona / Michael R. Waters
Hohokam ceramics, Hohokam beliefs / Stephanie M. Whittlesley
New models of social structure at the Palo Pardo site / David R. Wilcox
Hohokam ballcourts and their interpretation / David R. Wilcox and Charles Sternberg.
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Includes bibliographical references.
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Hohokam millennium.
Hohokam village, site structure and organization.
Hohokam village revisited.
Marana community in the Hohokam world.
Studies in the Hohokam community of Marana.
Synthesis of Tonto Basin prehistory, the Roosevelt archaeology studies, 1989 to 1998.
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