Graece et Latine, Moralia quaedam instituta / ex uarijs authoribus.

Luscinius, Ottmar, 1487-1537.
Other Title:
Graece et Latine, Moralia qvaedam instituta
Augustae Vindelicorum : Per Simpertum Ruff : Expensis D. Sigismundi Grim ..., Anno 1523.
[336] p. ; 15 cm. (8vo)
o-ra isce m.e. **** (C) 1523 (A)
Printed waste (Binding) -- 18th century.
Place of Publication:
Germany Augsburg.
Latin and Greek.
(from t.p.) Cato noster, Maximo planude graeco interprete
Aurea carmina Pythagorae
Phocylidis poema exhortatorium
Senarij morales, diuersorum poetarum
Cebetis Tabula
Sententiae morales, multorum uiroru[m] illustriu[m].
Dedicated to Johannes Schrot, abbot of Kloster Sankt Ulrich und Afra, Augsburg, by Ottmar Luscinius.
Imprint from colophon on leaf X8r, which reads: Augustae Vindelicorum, per Simpertum ruff, Expensis D. Sigismundi Grim, mense Decembri, reparatae salutis Anno. 1523.
Signatures: A-T⁸ V⁴ X⁸.
Without pagination.
Woodcut initial; woodcut printer's device on leaf X8v.
Woodcut border elements (inner margin of rectos of leaves L1-O5).
Typographical ornaments.
Local notes:
Purchased for the Penn Libraries in 1957.
Penn Libraries copy has a few ms. underlines in text; early ms. annotation on leaf C5r; a few early ms. corrections to text on leaf C6r; early ms. note (struck through) on leaf P1r.
Penn Libraries copy bound in paper boards; 4 raised bands on spine; ms. spine label with brief title; all edges red; 1 printed sheet of 4 leaves (8 pages, of which 4 are visible, each with German text, page number (314, 315, 318, 319) and headline: 40 St. den 17. May 1787.), partially marbled, folded and used as wrapper (with illegible ms. spine label).
Penn Libraries copy: spine damaged.
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
VD 16 N 28
Ruff, Simprecht, fl. 1522-1526, printer.
Grimm, Siegmund, d. 1530, publisher.
Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
German Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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