[Medical miscellany] [manuscript].

Israeli, Isaac, approximately 832-approximately 932.
[Paris, between 1225 and 1275]
149 leaves : parchment ; 278 x 196 (188 x 125-127) mm. bound to 293 x 211 mm.
Dominicans -- In art.
Medicine -- Early works to 1800.
Medicine, Medieval.
Fever -- Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Latin -- 13th century.
Manuscripts, Medieval.
Jewish physician to the Fatimid caliph ʻUbayd Allāh al-Mahdī in Qayrawān in Tunisia, writer of medical works in Arabic.
Collection of 10th- through early 13th-century texts that formed the standard 13th-century medical curriculum (referred to and printed in the Renaissance under the collective title Articella), here copied in the mid-13th century with inhabited initials showing medical scenes. 5 works of Isaac Israeli concerning diet, urine, fevers, and the elements, which were translated into Latin in the 11th century by Constantine the African, a Benedictine monk, comprise most of the manuscript. These are preceded by a brief introduction to Galen and 2 short works on the pulse, the later of which, by Gilles de Corbeil, is the latest work in the collection. Most of the illuminations depict Dominican monks teaching and tending to patients.
1. f.1r-5v: [Isagoge ad artem parvam Galeni] / Johannicii.
2. f.6r-7r: Liber Philareti de pulsu.
3. f.7v-15r: Liber de pulsu / [Gilles de Corbeil]
4. f.16r-51r: Diete universales / [Isaac Israeli]
5. f.51v-84v: Diete particulares / [Isaac Israeli]
6. f.85r-90v: [Liber urinarum, lacking beginning and end / Isaac Israeli]
7. f.91r-136r: Febres / Ysaac.
8. f.137r-149v: Liber elementorum / Ysaac Ysraelite, filii Salomonis.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Collation: Parchment, ii (18th-century paper) + 149 + ii (18th-century paper); 1¹⁴(-1) 2² 3¹⁰ 4-7¹² 8¹²(-1) 9¹²(-2) 10-13¹² 14¹⁰(-3); gatherings 3, 6, and 12 have horizontal catchwords (f. 25v, 61v, 130v); gatherings 3, 4, and 8 have letters on the rectos in the first half of each gathering (starting f. 16r, 26r, 75r); gathering 4 is signed II (f. 37v).
Layout: Written in 2 columns of 44-47 lines; frame-ruled in faint ink with double vertical bounding lines.
Script: Written in Gothic script.
Decoration: 1 8-line miniature of a Dominican doctor teaching clerics (f. 1r); 11 inhabited initials (Dominican doctor taking a pulse, f. 6r; Dominican doctor at a table, f. 7v; laymen at a feast, f. 16r; Dominican doctor, servant, and patient, f. 65r; Dominican doctor teaching laymen, f. 91r; Dominican doctor reading, f. 92v; man covering patient with cloak, f. 94v; Dominican doctor and layman, f. 98r; man bringing poultice to patient, f. 103v; Dominican doctor with urine flask and patient, f. 121v; Dominican doctor reading, f. 137r); 4 faint guide sketches for initials in lower margin (f. 65r, 94v, 103v, 121v); 3 illuminated initials (7-line, f. 51v, 52r; 11-line, f. 70r); 2- and 3-line initials alternating between red flourished with turquoise and blue flourished with red throughout; alternating red and blue paragraph marks throughout; unusual manicules in the form of a tongue extended from a hooded head throughout. The miniatures are attributed to the Johannes Grusch atelier of Paris.
Binding: Early 18th-century mottled calf, gilt with Dysart arms on covers and spine label Theorica practica.
Origin: Written in Paris in the mid-13th century.
Local notes:
Lawrence J. Schoenberg & Barbara Brizdle Manuscript Initiative.
Penn Provenance:
Formerly owned by Lionel Tollemache, Earl of Dysart (Helmingham Hall, Suffolk, arms on covers; Dysart armorial stamp, f. 15v) in the 18th century and by his descendants through Bentley Lyonel John Tollemache (third Baron Tollemache).
Sold privately to the Robinson Brothers after the death of Baron Tollemache in 1955 and held in the private library of Philip Robinson.
Sold at auction at Sotheby's, 6 Dec. 1993, lot 53.
Appears in Jörn Günther Antiquariat's Mittelalterliche Handschriften und Miniaturen (1995), no. 4.
Sold by Sam Fogg Ltd., cat. 16 (1995), no. 46, to Lawrence J. Schoenberg.
Deposit by Lawrence J. Schoenberg and Barbara Brizdle, 2011.
Cited in:
Described in Transformation of knowledge: early manuscripts from the collection of Lawrence J. Schoenberg (London: Paul Holberton, 2006), p. 88-89 (LJS 24).
Cited as:
LJS 24
Constantine, the African, ca. 1020-1087, translator.
Dysart, Lionel Tollemache, Earl of, 1708-1770, former owner.
Tollemache, Bentley Lyonel John Tollemache, Baron, 1883-1955, former owner.
Robinson, Philip, former owner.
Ḥunayn ibn Isḥāq al-ʻIbādī, 809?-873. Isagoge ad artem parvam Galeni.
Philaretus. De pulsu.
Gilles, de Corbeil, fl. 1200. De pulsu.
Israeli, Isaac, ca. 832-ca. 932. Diete universales.
Israeli, Isaac, ca. 832-ca. 932. Diete particulares.
Israeli, Isaac, ca. 832-ca. 932. Kitāb al-ḥummayāt. Latin.
Israeli, Isaac, ca. 832-ca. 932. Liber elementorum.
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