The Oxford handbook of eye movements / edited by Simon P. Liversedge, Iain D. Gilchrist, Stefan Everling.

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Handbook of eye movements
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2011.
Oxford library of psychology.
[Oxford library of psychology]
xix, 1027 p., [16] p. of col. plates : ill. ; 26 cm.
Eye -- Movements.
Cognitive neuroscience.
Medical subjects:
Eye Movements.
Mental Processes.
"In the past few years, there has been an explosion of eye movement research in cognitive science and neuroscience. This has been due to the availability of 'off the shelf' eye trackers, along with software to allow the easy acquisition and analysis of eye movement data. Accompanying this has been a realisation that eye movement data can be informative about many different aspects of perceptual and cognitive processing. Eye movements have been used to examine the visual and cognitive processes underpinning a much broader range of human activities, including, language production, dialogue, human computer interaction, driving behaviour, sporting performance, and emotional states. Finally, in the past thirty years, there have been real advances in our understanding of the neural processes that underpin eye movement behaviour. The Oxford Handbook of Eye Movements provides the first comprehensive review of the entire field of eye movement research. In over fifty chapters, it reviews the developments that have so far taken place, the areas actively being researched, and looks at how the field is likely to devlop in the coming years. The first section considers historical and background material, before moving onto section 2 on the neural basis of eye movements. The third and fourth sections looks at visual cognition and eye movements and eye movement pathology and development. The final sections consider eye movements and reading and language processing and eye movements. Bringing together cutting edge research from and international team of leading psychologists, neuroscientists, and vision researchers, this book is the definitive reference work in this field"-- Provided by publisher.
Part 1. The Eye Movement Repertoire: 1. Oculomotor behaviour in vertebrates and invertebrates / Michael F, Land; 2. Origins and applications of eye movement research / Nicholas J. Wade and Benjamin W. Tatler; 3. Vestibular response / Bernhard J.M. Hess; 4. The optokinetic reflex / C. Distler and K.-P. Hoffman; 5. Saccades / Iain D. Gilchrist; 6. Microsaccades / Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik; 7. Ocular pursuit movements / Graham R. Barnes
Part 2. Neural Basis of Eye Movements: 8. The oculomotor plant and its role in three-dimensional eye orientation / Dora E. Angelaki; 9. Brainstem pathways and premotor control / Kathleen E. Cullen and Marion R. van Horn; 10. The oculomotor cerebellum / Peter Thier; 11. The superior colliculus / Brian J. White and Douglas P. Munoz; 12. Saccadic eye movements and the basal ganglia / Corinne R. Vokoun, Safraaz Mahamed, and Michele A. Basso; 13. Thalamic roles in eye movements / Masaka Tanaka and Jun Kunimatsu; 14. The role of posterior parietal cortex in the regulation of saccadic eye movements / Martin Paré and Michael C. Dorris; 15. Frontal cortex and flexible control of saccades / Kevin Johnston and Stefan Everling; 16. Eye-head gaze shifts / Brian D. Corneil; 17. Interactions of eye and eyelid movements / Neeraj J. Ghandi and Husam A. Katnani; 18. Neural control of three-dimensional gaze shifts / J. Douglas Crawford and Eliana M. Klier; 19. The neural basis of saccade target selection / Jeffrey D. Schall and Jeremiah Y. Cohen; 20. Testing animal models of human oculomotor control with neuroimaging / Clayton E. Curtis; 21. Eye movements and transcranial magnetic stimulation / René N, Müri and Thomas Nyffeler
Part 3.: Saccades and Attention: 22. Determinants of saccade latency / Petroc Sumner; 23. Saccadic decision-making / Casimir J.H. Ludwig; 24. Models of overt attention/ Wilson S. Geisler and Lawrence K. Cormack; 25. The intriguing interactive relationship between visual attention and saccadic eye movements / Árni Kristjánsson; 26. Oculomotor inhibition of return / Raymone M.Klein and Matthew D. Hilchey; 27. Multisensory saccade generation / Richard Amlôt and Robert Walker
Part 4. Visual Cognition and Eye Movements: 28. Visual stability / Bruce Bridgeman; 29. Eye movements and visual expertise in chess and medicine / Eyal M. Reingold and Heather Sheridan; 30. Eye movements both reveal and influence problem solving / Michael J. Spivey and Rick Dale; 31. Eye movements and change detection / James R. Brockmole and Michi Matsukura; 32. Eye movements and memory / Matthew S. Peterson and Melissa R. Beck; 33. Eye movements and scene perception / John M. Henderson; 34. Mechanisms of gaze control in natural vision / Mary M. Hayhoe and Dana H. Ballard
Part 5. Eye Movement Pathology and Development: 35. Development from reflexive to controlled eye movements / Beatriz Luna and Katerina Velanova; 36. Children's eye movements during reading / Hazel I. Blythe and Holly S.S.L. Joseph; 37. Oculomotor development pathology: an 'evo-devo' perspective / Chris Harris; 38. Eye movements in psychiatric patients / Jennifer E. McDowell, Brett A. Clementz, and John A. Sweeney; 39. Eye movements in autism spectrum disorder / Valerie Benson and Sue Fletcher-Watson
Part 6. Eye Movement Control During Reading: 40. On the role of visual and oculomotor processes in reading / Françoise Vitu; 41. Linguistic and cognitive influences on eye movements during reading / Keith Rayner and Simon P. Liversedge; 42. Serial-attention models of reading / Erik D. Reichle; 43. Parallel graded attention models of reading / Ralf Engbert and Reinhold Kliegl; 44. Binocular coordination during reading / Julie A. Kirkby, Sarah J. White, and Hazel I. Blythe; 45. Foveal and parafoveal processing during reading / Jukka Hyönä; 46. Parafoveal-on-foveal effects on eye movements during reading / Denis Drieghe; 47. Eye movements and concurrent event-related potentials: eye fixation-related potential in reading / Thierry Baccino
Part 7.Language Processing and Eye Movements: 48. Lexical influences on eye movements in reading / Barbara J. Juhasz and Alexander Pollatsek; 49. Syntactic influences on eye movements during reading / Charles Clifton, Jr. and Adrian Staub; 50. The influence of implausibility and anomaly on eye movements during reading / Tessa Warren; 51. The influence of focus on eye movements during reading / Ruth Filik, Kevin B. Paterson, and Antje Sauermann; 52. Eye movements in dialogue / Helene Kreysa and Martin J. Pickering; 53. Eye movements during Chinese reading / Chuanli Zang, Simon P. Liversedge, Xuejun Bai, and Guoli Yan; 54. The mediation of eye movements by spoken language / Gerry T.M. Altmann.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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Liversedge, Simon P.
Gilchrist, Iain D.
Everling, Stefan.
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