Pharmacology for women's health / edited by Tekoa L. King, Mary C. Brucker.

Sudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, c2011.
xxiii, 1244 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.

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Gynecologic drugs.
Women -- Diseases -- Chemotherapy.
Medical subjects:
Pharmacological Phenomena.
Genital Diseases, Female -- drug therapy.
Pregnancy Complications -- drug therapy.
Women's Health.
Sect. I. Introduction to Pharmacology
Ch. 1. Modern Pharmacology / Mary C. Brucker
Ch. 2. Principles of Pharmacology / Laura Williford Owens, Robin Webb Corbett and Tekoa L. King
Ch. 3. Pharmacogenomics / Judith A. Lewis and Cindy L. Munro
Ch. 4. Adverse Drug Reactions, Toxicology and Poisoning / Nell Tharpe and Tekoa L. King
Sect. II. Lifestyle and Preventive Health Care
Ch. 5. Vitamins & Minerals / Jessica A. Grieger, Heather I. Katcher, Vijaya Juturu and Penny M. Kris-Etherton
Ch. 6. Immunizations / Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco and Barbara Hackley
Ch. 7. Drugs to Promote Optimum Weight / Cecilia Jevitt
Ch. 8. Smoking Cessation / Donna D. Caruthers and Susan A. Albrecht
Ch. 9. Drugs of Abuse / Barbara Peterson Sinclair and Shirley A. Summers
Ch. 10. Complementary and Alternative Therapies / Wendell Combest, Austin J. Combest and Juliana van Olphen Fehr
Sect. III. Essential Drug Categories
Ch. 11. Anti-infectives / Tekoa L. King, Anne Marie Mitchell, Barbara J. Lannen, Marie Daly and Lori A. Spies
Ch. 12. Analgesia and Anesthesia / Tekoa L. King and Elissa Lane Miller
Ch. 13. Antihistamines / Lillie Rizack and Lawrence Carey
Ch. 14. Steroid Hormones / Mary C. Brucker and Frances E. Likis
Sect. IV. Pharmacotherapeutics for Common Conditions
Ch. 15. Cardiovascular Conditions / Angela R. Mitchell and Tekoa L. King
Ch. 16. Hematology / Patrick J. M. Murphey, Brian Meadors and Tekoa L. King
Ch. 17. Autoimmune Conditions / Rebekah L. Ruppe
Ch. 18. Diabetes / Nancy Jo Reedy and Tekoa L. King
Ch. 19. Thyroid Disease / Michael W. Neville
Ch. 20. Respiratory Conditions / Barbara W. Graves
Ch. 21. Gastrointestinal Conditions / Nancy Botehlo, Cathy L. Emeis, Mary C. Brucker and Steven Deville
Ch. 22. Lower Urinary Tract Disorders / Katharine K. O'Dell and Emily E. Weber LeBrun
Ch. 23. Sexually Transmitted Infections / Hayley Mark, Jason Farley and Ashely Hanahan
Ch. 24. Drugs and the Central Nervous System / William P. Fehder, Tekoa L. King and Jennifer G. Hensley
Ch. 25. Mental Health / Tekoa L. King, Ruth Johnson and Vivian Gamblian
Ch. 26. Dermatology / Jan M. Kriebs
Ch. 27. Otic and Ophthalmic Disorders / Patrick J. M. Murphy and Therese M. Horan
Ch. 28. Cancer / Joyce King and Lori Smith
Sect. V. Gynecology
Ch. 29. Contraception and Reproductive Health / Patricia Aikins Murphy
Ch. 30. Pelvic and Menstrual Disorders / Kerri Durnell Schniling and Mary C. Brucker
Ch. 31. Vaginal Conditions / Jane Mashburn
Ch. 32. Vulvar Disorders / Teri Stone Godena
Ch. 33. Sexual Dysfunction / Jennifer G. Hensley and Mary C. Brucker
Ch. 34. Mature Women / Nancy A. Carroll, Susan E. Davis Doughty, Mary Ellen Rousseau and Mary C. Brucker
Sect. VI. Pregnancy and Lactation
Ch. 35. Pregnancy / Laura Manns-James
Ch. 36. Labor / Nancy K. Lowe and Tekoa L. King
Ch. 37. Postpartum / Mary Ann Rhode
Ch. 38. Breastfeeding Mothers / Thomas W. Hale
Ch. 39. Newborn / Judy Wright Lott
Appendix. Glossary of Abbreviations.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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King, Tekoa L.
Brucker, Mary C.
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