Henry Reed notes on mathematics and astronomy, ca. 1822-1825.

Reed, Henry, 1808-1854.
Other Title:
Questions on heat.
ca. 1822-1825.
1 volume.
Mathematics -- Study and teaching -- 19th century.
Mathematics -- Problems, exercises, etc.
Astronomy -- Problems, exercises, etc.
Spherical astronomy.
Manuscripts, American -- 19th century.
Professor at the University of Pennsylvania beginning in 1831, after having practiced law for several years. Appointed professor of English Literature and Rhetoric in 1834, and Vice-Provost in 1845, positions he held at the time of his death.
Bound manuscript, in the hand of Henry Reed, containing exercises and problems in geometry and trigonometry, as well as sections at the back of the volume devoted to spherical astronomy and dialling (related to sundials), with a fragment under the heading of navigation. A pencilled librarian's note indicates that the material was prepared for use at the University of Pennsylvania, and so presumably it dates from Reed's undergraduate years, 1822-1825. The manuscript is written in a meticulous hand and is carefully organized, as if intended for study or reference, and includes numerous diagrams that are precisely drawn and labeled. The last section, headed Navigation, contains only a few lines, and breaks off after the title for chapter 1, Plane Sailing. Bound in at the front is a 10-page printed pamphlet, with the caption title: Questions on heat / printed for the Junior Class, University of Pennsylvania. It contains questions for study, grouped under sub-topics; pages 6 to 10 comprise similar material on the topic of the steam engine. The volume has some water damage, concentrated in the first half, on the bottom quarter of the pages.
[Section on mathematics]. Substitute for the second book of Euclid's Geometry, p. 1-4
Substitute for the fifth book of Euclid's Geometry, p. 7-11
[Geometric problems, numbered 1-21], p. 15-26
Book I: Arithmetic of sines, Chapter I: Of the trigonometrical functions of single arcs, p. 32-36
Chapter II: Trigonometrical functions of the sum and difference of arcs, p. 37-43
Chapter III: Trigonometrical functions of multiple and submultiple arcs, p. 45-46
Book II: Analytical plane trigonometry, Chapter I: Of right-angled triangles, p. 47-49
Chapter II: Of oblique-angled triangles, p. 51-55
Book III: Practical plane trigonometry, Chapter I: Of right-angled triangles, p. 57-62
Chapter II: Of oblique-angled triangles, p. 63-66
[Section on astronomy]. The application of spherics to astronomy, p. [97-115]
Dialing, p. [119-130]
Navigation, p. [135].
University of Pennsylvania.
Contained In:
Henry Reed Papers. Box 10
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