The Thinker's Guide for students on how to study & learn a discipline using critical concepts & tools / by Richard Paul and Linda Elder.

Paul, Richard.
Dillon Beach, CA : Foundation for Critical Thinking, 2003.
48 p. ; 20 cm.

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Other Title:
How to study and learn a discipline
Miniature guide to critical thinking.
Critical thinking.
Problem solving.
Laying the foundation: Ideas for becoming a master student
How to study and learn a discipline
How to learn with discipline
How to identify an underlying idea for the subjects you study
Understanding content through the thinking it requires: Key to deep learning
How to identify the structure of a subject: Elements of thought
How to figure out the form of thinking essential to courses or subjects
How to think within the ideas of a subject
How to analyze the logic of an article, essay, or chapter
How to figure out the logic of a textbook
How to understand ideas
How to control (and not be controlled by) ideas
How to understand reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking
How to learn ideas from textbooks
Following through: How good a student are you know? test yourself
How to think through the defining traits of the disciplined mind
How to understand intellectual standards
How to question using intellectual standards
How to evaluate an author's reasoning
How to raise important questions within a subject
How to distinguish one-system from competing-systems disciplines
How to ask questions about fields of study
How to ask questions about textbooks
How to understand the logic of Biochemistry (an example)
How to think biologically (an example)
How to think Historically (an example)
How to understand the logic of philosophy, sociology, and archaeology (three final examples)
How to understand the role of questions in thinking and learning
How to distinguish inert information and activated ignorance from activated knowledge
Test to repeat in every class and subject.
This is a companion to "The miniature guide to critical thinking" by Paul & Elder.
Local notes:
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Hackney.
Elder, Linda, 1962-
Foundation for Critical Thinking.