Ḍawʼ al-sirāj. = ضوء السراج.

Faraḍī, Maḥmūd ibn Abī Bakr, 1246 or 1247-1300.
فرضي، محمود بن ابي بكر، 1246 أو 1247-1300.
A.H. 723-747 (1323-1347)
123 leaves : paper, illustrations ; 179 x 127 (134-143 x 88) mm bound to 179 x 139 mm.
Sajāwandī, Sirāj al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad, active 12th century. Farāʼiḍ al-Sirājīyah.
سجاوندي، سراج الدين محمد بن محمد، active 12th century. فرائض السراجية.
Farāʼiḍ al-Sirājīyah (Sajāwandī, Sirāj al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad)
Mathematics, Arab -- Early works to 1800.
Inheritance and succession (Islamic law) -- Early works to 1800.
Inheritance and succession (Islamic law)
Mathematics, Arab.
Manuscripts, Arabic.
Manuscripts, 14th century.
Manuscripts, Medieval.
Codices (bound manuscripts)
Manuals (instructional materials)
Tables (documents)
Early works.
14th-century copy of a late 13th-century manual on the mathematics of the Islamic law of inheritance, in the form of a paragraph by paragraph commentary on the Farāʼiḍ al-Sirājīyah of 12th-century legal and mathematical scholar Sirāj al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Sajāwandī.
Ms. codex.
Title from title page (f. 1r).
Foliation: Paper, i + 123 leaves; [i, 1-123]; alternating gatherings of 10 and 6 leaves.
Layout: Written in 19 long lines.
Script: Written in naskh in black ink, mostly unpointed, by at least 2 hands (first hand, f. 1v-56v, 104v-120v; second hand, 57r-104r), with an additional leaf bound in, f. 63.
Decoration: Diagrams (f. 43v-46r, 111r-111v, 114v-117r) and tables (105r-110r, 112r-114r, 118v-120v) in red and black ink; title page text in red and black ink (f. 1r); occasional words and phrases in red ink; double frame of red ink around text block and double red lines between sections on final pages of manuscript (f. 104v-120v).
Binding: Morocco with flap (Type II), faded marbled paper overlay on covers.
Origin: Sections of the copy dated to different times, though signed by the same scribe. First section dated 10 Rabīʻ al-Awwal 723 (27 March 1373) (f. 104r), end of the book dated Rajab 724 (July 1324) (f. 118r), and the added pages after the end dated Ramaḍān 747 (December 1346-January 1347) (f. 122r). The scribe is Masʻūd ibn Qāsim ibn Aḥmad ibn Masʻūd (f. 118r) with the added nisbah al-Shīrānī [?] (f. 104r).
Local notes:
Lawrence J. Schoenberg & Barbara Brizdle Manuscript Initiative.
Penn Provenance:
Sold by Sam Fogg Ltd. (London) to Lawrence J. Schoenberg, Jun. 2002.
Deposit by Lawrence J. Schoenberg and Barbara Brizdle, 2011.
Cited in:
Described in Transformation of knowledge: early manuscripts from the collection of Lawrence J. Schoenberg (London: Paul Holberton, 2006), p. 39 (LJS 436).
Cited as:
LJS 436.
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