Ionic interactions in natural and synthetic macromolecules / edited by Alberto Ciferri, Angelo Perico.

Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2012.
xviii, 852 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
Ion-ion collisions.
Supramolecular chemistry.
SCIENCE / Chemistry / Inorganic.
"This book is a comprehensive study of the subject of ionic interactions in macromolecules. The first parts of the book review and analyze the conventional treatments of fixed charges (e.g. in polyelectrolytes and polyampholytes), including screening and condensation by mobile ions. The interaction of ions with less polar sites on the macromolecule (e.g. amide bonds), and the origin of the lyotropic effects (focusing on binding versus condensation) will also be extensively addressed. The book also explores complex micellar organizations involving charged macromolecules (e.g. DNA) and low-molecular-weight ampholytes and strong protein associations. The resulting structures are relevant to a variety of functional biological systems and synthetic analogs. The contribution of electrostatic and hydrophobic interaction to the stability of proteins and other supramolecular structures will also be analyzed. There are chapters on applications such as deionization and cosmetic formulation.This 21-chapter book is divided into three sections: Fundamentals Mixed Interactions Functions and Applications "-- Provided by publisher.
Includes bibliographical references.
Machine generated contents note: Fundamentals Chapter 1. Ion properties Yizhak Marcus Chapter 2. Ionic interaction in supramolecular complexes Hans-Jö̈rg Schnieder Chapter 3. Polyelectrolyte fundamentals Angelo Perico Chapter 4. Polyelectrolyte and polyampholyte effects in natural and synthetic macromolecules Ngo Minh Toan, Bae-Yeun Ha, and D. Thirumalai Chapter 5. Modelling the structure and dynamics of polyelectrolyte multilayers Juan J. Cerda, Christian Holm, and Baofu Qioa Mixed Inteactions Chapter 6. Ionic-mixed interactions and Hofmeister effects Alberto Ciferri Chapter 7. Hydrophobic Polyelectrolytes Andrés F. Olea Chapter 8. Association of polyelectrolytes to surfactants, and supramolecular assemblies Alberto Ciferri and Angelo Perico Chapter 9. Ion transfer in and through charged membranes. Structure, properties, theory V. V. Nikonenko, A. B. Yaroslavtsev, and G. Pourcelly Chapter 10. Reversible coordination polymers Kim de Lange, Jos M. J. Paulusse, Antonius T. M. Marcelis, and Han Zuilhof Chapter 11. Structured and functional aspects of metal binding sites in natural and designed metalloproteins Ornella Maglio, Flavia Nastri, and Angela Lombardi Chapter 12. Charge-induced effects on the acid-base titration and conformational stability of proteins and polypeptides Jan Hermans Functions and Applications Chapter 13. Iron transport in living cells Alvin L. Crumbliss and Claire P. Siburt Chapter 14. DNA-lipid amphiphiles for drug and gene therapy Peggy P. Y. Chan and LiShan Wang Chapter 15. Polyelectrolyte intelligent gels. Modeling and applications Piero Chiarelli and Danilo De Rossi Chapter 16. Ionic polymeric-metal composites for sensors and artificial muscels Rashi Tiwari and Kwang J. Kim Chapter 17. Functional layer-by layer polyelectrolytes. Assembly strategies, characterization and selected applications Nicel Estillore, Wolfgang Knoll, and Rigoberto Advincula Chapter 18. Polyelectrolytes at interfaces. Applications and transport properties of polyelectrolyte multilayers in membranes Bastien Seantier and André Deratani Chapter 19. Self-assembly of polyelectrolytes for photonic crystal applications Dario Cavallo and Davide Comoretto Chapter 20. Applications of charged memebranes in separation, fuel cells and emerging processes G. Pourcelly, V. V. Nikonenko, N. D. Pismenskaya, and A. B. Yaroslavtsev Chapter 21. Polymer gel electrolytes. Conduction mechanism and battery applications Ian M. Ward and Hugh V. St. A. Hubbard .
Ciferri, A.
Perico, Angelo.
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