Rudolph Gottgetreu lecture notes, ca. 1853-1856.

Gottgetreu, Rudolph, 1821-1890.
ca. 1853-1856.
2 boxes (3 volumes)
Building materials.
Hydraulic engineering.
Lecture notes.
Drawings (visual works)
Technical drawings.
Manuscripts, German -- 19th century.
In German.
German architect and assistant professor at the Polytechnic School Munich beginning in 1852. When the Polytechnic School was integrated into the newly founded Technische Universität München in 1868, Rudolph Gottgetreu assumed the professorship for architectural drawing, building materials, and building (Bauzeichnen, Baumaterialienlehre und Construktionslehre für Hochbauten), which he held until his retirement in 1888.
Three volumes of bound handwritten notes, in the fields of architecture and engineering, generously illustrated with detailed, carefully executed technical drawings and diagrams, and including mathematical equations and numerical data. The notes, which appear to be all in the same hand, were evidently prepared by a professor for lectures, and the author is believed to be Rudolph Gottgetreu, a German architect and professor at the Technical University Munich (Technische Universität München) who specialized in building technique and building materials. The volumes contain notes for the following 3 courses, respectively: 1) Baukunst, Cursus I (architecture, course I) (Box 1); 2) Strassenbau (road construction), including a second, untitled section, with its own introduction (p. 141), that evidently concerns railroad construction (Eisenbahnbau); and 3) Wasserbau (hydraulic engineering). The latter two volumes (both in Box 2) contain many bibliographic citations, with the latest date found being in both instances 1856 (p. 193 and p. 355, respectively). The volume on Baukunst is the most richly illustrated, including drawings of structures and tools, and seems to contain few secondary references; the latest date found was 1853. The Baukunst volume shows parallels to the first two parts of Gottgetreu's well known textbook on building entitled Lehrbuch der Hochbau-Konstruktionen, published in five parts between 1880 and 1890. Those notes contain sections on stonework (Mauerwerk), floors, walls, roofs, towers, foundations (Baugrund, Baugrube), and types of mortar (Mörtel), including cement. The title for the second section (IIer Abschnitt; p. 128) is nearly identical to the title of part 2 of Gottgetreu's published textbook: Arbeiten des Zimmermanns, und Holzconstruktionen (The work of the carpenter, and wood construction). The notes on road and railroad construction in the same volume reflect how the subject area was formulated in the academic curriculum at the time (Strassen- und Eisenbahnbau). That course, and the one on hydraulic engineering, represent subject areas that were covered by other professorships held by colleagues of Gottgetreu, and it could not be confirmed that he ever lectured in those areas, raising some doubt concerning the attribution of the notes to him.
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Technische Universität München.
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