Media now : understanding media culture and technology / Joseph Straubhaar, Robert LaRose.

Straubhaar, Joseph D.
Belmont, CA : Thomson/Wadsworth, c2004.
xviii, 524 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.).
4th ed. ; instructor's ed.

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Telecommunication -- United States.
Information technology -- United States.
Mass media -- United States.
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Media and the information age
1. The changing media
The media in our lives
Technology demystified : a digital media primer
Changing media in a changing world
Profile : Richard Parsons
Media impact : watch the industries merge and converge
Media and culture : a new balance of power?
Changing media throughout history
Changing conceptions of the media
2. Media theory
Understanding the media
Media economics
Media impact : follow the money
Critical and cultural studies
Media and culture : postmodernism
Societal functions of the media
Behavioral theories
Media impact : where have all the theories gone?
Profile : Everett Rogers
The media
3. Books and magazines
History : before and after Gutenberg
Media and culture : goodbye Gutenberg
Media impact : early magazines and books
Profile : Oprah Winfrey
Technology trends : from chapbook to e-book
Technology demystified : cuddling up with a nice electronic book?
Industry : going global
Media literacy : the culture of print
4. Newspapers
Newspaper history : journalism in the making
Media impact : citizen Hearst and the Spanish-American War
Technology : roll the presses!
Industry : keeping the news in chains?
Content : turning the pages
Media and culture : television and McPaper
Media literacy : responsible reporting
Media impact : diverse voices
Profile : Maureen Dowd
5. Radio and recorded music
History : how the sound began
Media and culture : ripping off Black music?
Media impact : BBC, license fees, and the road not taken
Media impact : DJs rock around the clock
Technology : let's make music
Technology demystified : experiments with electromagnetism
Industry : radio groups and music labels
Genres around the dial
Media literacy : the impact of the sound
Profile : David Geffen
6. Film and home video
History : golden moments of film
Media impact : Orson Welles's Citizen Kane
Profile : George Lucas
Technology : making movie magic
Technology demystified : you ought to be in pictures
Industry organization
Film content
Media literacy : film and society
7. Television
A history of network television
Media impact : going by the numbers
Technology : inside your TV
Technology demystified : inside digital television
Industry : who runs the show?
Profile : Rupert Murdoch
Genres : what's on TV?
Media literacy : out of the wasteland
Media and culture : diversity in television
Media and culture : television and the Days of our lives?
8. The Internet
History : spinning the Web
Technology : Moore's law
Technology demystified : make your own Web page from scratch!
The industry : David vs. Goliath
Content : what's on the Internet?
Media impact : what's in a name?
Media impact : join the debate
Media and culture : media, the Internet, and the stories we tell about ourselves
Profile : Meg Whitman
Media literacy : who shall rule the Internet?
Media and culture : let the Internet rule itself?
9. The communications infrastructure
History : access for all?
Technology : understanding the infrastructure
Technology demystified : squeezing the bits out with digital compression
Technology demystified : whistling our computer;s tune, or, how modems work
Technology demystified : cellular radio
Infrastructure services
Media impact : our Internet connection options
The industry : the Telecom mosaic
Profile : Brian L. Roberts
Media literacy : infrastructure for everyone?
Media impact : monitoring the Telecom Act
Media and culture : preserving universal service
10. Public relations
History : to inform and persuade
Media impact : PR "D-day" : the 911 attacks
Technology : new public relations venues
Media impact : cyber crisis, a new public relations worry
Genres : forms of public relations
Industry : the practice
Media impact : a year in the life of a public relations campaign
Profile : Helen Ostrowski
Media literacy : in whose interest?
Media and culture : the velvet ghetto
11. Advertising
History : origins of advertising
Technology : new advertising media
Technology trends : "Minority report" database marketing in the movies
Industry : the anatomy of a campaign
Profile : Scott Remy
Media impact : elements of an advertising plan or campaign
Genres : forms of persuasion
Media impact : other forms of marketing communication related to advertising
Media literacy : analyzing advertising
Media & culture : you've (not) come a long way baby
Media issues
12. Media impacts
Bashing the media
Studying media impacts
Profile : Neil Postman
Technology demystified : the science of sampling
Theories of media impacts
Media and antisocial behavior
Media impact : the latest Internet horror
Communications media and prosocial behavior
Understanding societal impacts
Media impact : what about your job?
13. Media policy and law
Policy and law in communications
Key communications policies
Media impact : consumer privacy tips and rights
Access to media and universal service
The policy-making process
Profile : Michael K. Powell
14. Media ethics
Ethical standards
Media and culture : "sexing up" Cosmo
Codes of ethics
Media impact : society of professional journalists' code of ethics
Profile : Michael Getler
Key ethical issues
Media impact : PR ethics
Media impact : net filter for safety?
15. Globalization of communications media
Acting globally, regionally, and nationally
Profile : Jack Valenti
The global media
Media impact : the Cuba-American radio war
Media and culture : soap operas around the world
Media impact : the Zapatista Revolution on the Internet
Technology demystified : a closed or an open Internet, the great red firewall of China
International regulation
Media literacy : whose world is it?
Includes bibliographical references (p. 498-512) and index.
LaRose, Robert.
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