Quadragesimale Fratris Ioh[ann]is Gritsch, Ordinis Fratrum Minorum, doctoris eximij : per totum t[empor]is anni spaciu[m] deseruiens cum thematu[m] euangeliorum & epistolarum introductionib[us] & tabula [per]optima.

Gritsch, Johannes.
Standardized Title:
Other Title:
Quadragesimale Fratris Johannis Gritsch, Ordinis Fratrum Minorum, doctoris eximii
[Nuremberg] : Impe[n]sis Anthonij Koburger Nurenberge ..., Anno salutis Mcccclxxxiij nonas Marcias [7 Mar. 1483]
[226] leaves (the first leaf blank) ; 28 cm. (fol.)
p-j. T.M. .SQ. Petu (C) 1483 (R)
Lenten sermons -- Early works to 1800.
Sermons, Latin.
Catholic Church -- Sermons -- Early works to 1800.
Place of Publication:
Germany Nuremberg.
The authorship of the Quadragesimale is variously attributed to Johannes Gritsch or to his brother Konrad. Authorship is assigned to Johannes by ISTC, Cath. encyc. (VI, p. 292d), BN, IGI, Goff, Scriptores Ordinis Praedicatorum recensiti, 1719 (v. 1, pt. 2, p. 909), Schaff-Herzog encyc. of religious knowledge (v. 9, p. 164), and Jöcher. Neue deutsche Biog. states that the Quadragesimale should be attributed to Konrad Grütsch (Gritsch) even though the name of his brother was assigned to the 29 editions printed in the 15th cent. and notes that both brothers were for a long time confused with one another. GW (v. 10, col. 177-8) states that Conradus Gritsch (Conrad Grütsch) was probably the brother of Johann under whose name the Quadragesimale was printed. Frömmigkeitstheologie am Anfang des 16. Jahrhunderts, 1982 (p. 202), claims that the Quadragesimale of Konrad Gritsch, which appeared ca. 1440, has been wrongly ascribed to his brother Johannes. BSB-Ink also assigns the Quadragesimale to Conradus Grütsch.
Title from incipit of text (leaf [c]1r), which reads: Quadragesimale fratris ioh[ann]is Gritsch ordinis fratrum minorum. doctoris eximij. per totum t[empor]is anni spaciu[m] deseruiens cum thematu[m] euangeliorum & epistolarum introductionib[us] & tabula [per]optima Incipit feliciter.
Imprint from colophon on leaf [I]8r, which reads: Quadragesimale venerabilis doctoris Ioha[n]nis gritsch de ordi[n]e mino[rum] impe[n]sis Anthonij koburger Nurenberge [per]optime est co[n]su[m]matu[m] Anno salutis. M.cccclxxxiij. nonas marcias.
Chancery folio, printed in double columns.Leaf [c]1r: 56 lines to a full column, plus headline; area of text: 235 (248) x 147 mm.; col. width: 69 mm. (Number of lines per column varies slightly: BM 15th cent. gives 54 for leaf [c]2r; GW gives 53.) Initial spaces; spaces for paragraph marks. Without signatures, foliation or catchwords.
Signatures: [a]-[f]⁸ [g]⁶ [h]⁸ [i]⁶ [k]-[m]⁸ [n]⁶ [o]⁸ [p]-[q]⁶ [r]-[s]⁸ [t]-[v]⁶ [x]⁸ [y]-[z]⁶ [A]-[B]⁸ [C]-[H]⁶ [I]⁸.
Leaf [a]1 is blank.
Includes index.
Local notes:
Leaf size: 274 x 199 mm.
Penn Libraries copy: rubrication: virgules, paragraph marks, and some initials, underlines and capital strokes supplied in red.
Penn Libraries copy has some early ms. underlines, marginal marks and annotations in brown ink (in more than one hand?); a few initials supplied by a reader in brown ink; occasional modern ms. pencil foliation.
Penn Libraries copy acquired for the Maria Hosmer Penniman Library of Education in 1930.
Penn Libraries copy has laid in 2 bookplates, 1 of the Maria Hosmer Penniman Library of Education and 1 of Harrison Gray Otis (with motto: Legere, et non Intelligere; est negligere.). This copy is listed in the auction catalog, Catalogue of the private library of Harrison Gray Otis ... to be sold by auction on ... November 6th and 7th, 1889, at the salesroom of Lewis J. Bird & Co. (Boston: S.J. Parkhill & Co., 1889) as no. 495.
Penn Libraries copy bound in full modern parchment; 2 fore-edge ties; all edges red.
Penn Libraries copy imperfect: leaf [a]1 (blank) wanting.
Penn Libraries copy: leaves cropped at all margins with occasional damage to headline and ms. marginalia; pinpoint wormhole in tail outer corner of leaves [x]2-[I]8; leaf [C]1 torn at tail margin and mended with a blank leaf; leaves [G]2-[H]6 dampstained at tail margin.
Penn Provenance:
Otis, Harrison Gray, 1856-1915 (bookplate)
Penn Chronology:
1483 (7 Mar.)
Cited in:
Goff G499
BM 15th cent. II, p. 425 (IB.7291)
GW 11548
BSB-Ink. G-400
ISTC ig00499000
Cat. of the private lib. of Harrison Gray Otis, 495
Gritsch, Konrad, 1409?-1475?
Koberger, Anton, ca. 1440-1513, publisher.
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