The church and literature / edited by Peter Clarke and Charlotte Methuen.

Ecclesiastical History Society. Summer Meeting (2010)
Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK ; Rochester, NY : Published for the Ecclesiastical History Society by the Boydell Press, 2012.
xxvi, 503 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Studies in church history; 48.
Studies in church history

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Christianity and literature -- Congresses.
Christianity in literature -- Congresses.
English literature -- 19th century -- History and criticism -- Congresses.
English literature -- 20th century -- History and criticism -- Congresses.
Seeking meaning behind epistolary clichés : intercessory prayer clauses in Christian letters / Renie Choy
Gregory the Great : reader, writer and read / Daniel Anlezark
Was anyone listening? : Christian apologetics against Islam as a literary genre / Jessica Lee Ehinger
Frivolity and reform in the church : the Irish experience, 1066-1166 / David N. Dumville
Ecclesiology on the edge : Dante and the church / John Took
"No milkless cow" : the cross of Christ in medieval Irish literature / Salvador Ryan
"Y Ganrif Fawr"? : piety, literature and patronage in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Wales / Katharine K. Olson
The biblical verse of Hans Sachs : the popularization of Scripture in the Lutheran Reformation / Philip Broadhead
Thomas More's Confutation : a literary failure? / Eamon Duffy
Staging vice and acting evil : theatre and anti-theatre in early modern England / George Oppitz-Trotman
William Perkins's The arte of prophecying : a literary manifesto / W.B. Patterson
Milton's churches / Thomas N. Corns
Anti-Catholicism and obscene literature : The case of Mrs. Mary Catherine Cadiere and its context / Colin Haydon
English convents in eighteenth-century travel literature / Caroline Watkinson
A novel resistance : mission narrative as the anti-novel in the evangelical assault on British culture / Benjamin L. Fischer
Reserve and physical imagery in the Tractarian poetry of Isaac Williams (1802-65) / John Boneham
W.E. Heygate : Tractarian clerical novelist / George Herring
A writer or a religious? : Lady Georgiana Fullerton's dilemma / Kathleen Jaeger
Writing the Sabbath : the literature of the nineteenth-century Sunday observance debate / Martin Spence
The pastor chief and other stories : Waldensian historical fiction in the nineteenth century / Mark Smith
The Jesuit as villain in nineteenth-century British fiction / John Wolffe
Christian Dickens / Andrew Sanders
Disraeli's novels : religion and identity / David Brooks
Breadth from dissent : Ada Ellen Bayly ("Edna Lyall") and her fiction / Clyde Binfield
"Pulp Methodism" revisited : the literature and significance of Silas and Joseph Hocking / Martin Wellings
Some popes in English literature c. 1850-1950 / Bernard Hamilton
Jesuit pulp fiction : the serial novels of Antonio Bresciani in La civiltà cattolica / Oliver Logan
Canon Patrick Augustine Sheehan, priest and novelist : presidential address / Sheridan Gilley
"Oh dear, if only the Reformation had happened differently" : Anglicanism, the Reformation and Dame Rose Macaulay (1881-1958) / Judith Maltby
The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chamberlain and the censorship of the theatre, 1909-49 / Peter Webster
The trials of Lady Chatterley, the modernist bishop and the Victorian archbishop : clashes of class, culture and generations / Stuart Mews
The cloister and the crime : medieval monks in modern murder-mysteries / Sarah Foot
Piety and polemic in evangelical prophecy fiction, 1995-2000 / Crawford Gribben.
"The contributions edited here comprise ... papers given at the Summer Meeting in 2010 and Winter Meeting in 2011, and a selection of the communications delivered at the Summer Meeting"--Pref.
Includes bibliographical references.
Clarke, Peter.
Methuen, Charlotte.
Ecclesiastical History Society. Winter Meeting (2011)