[Books II-V of al-Qānūn fī al-ṭibb].

Avicenna, 980-1037.
ابن سينا، 980-1037.
[Persia?], A.H. 989 (1581)
367 leaves : paper ; 318 x 220 (215 x 138) mm. bound to 318 x 230 mm. + 2 notes.

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Standardized Title:
Qānūn fī al-ṭibb. Selections
قانون في الطب. Selections
Other Title:
ادوية المفردة.
امراض الجزئية.
امراض التي لا تخص بعضو بعينه.
ادوية المركبة.
Medicine -- Early works to 1800.
Medicine, Arab.
Medicine, Medieval.
Manuscripts, Arabic
Manuscripts, 16th century.
Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Codices (bound manuscripts)
Onlays (decorative components)
Annotations (Provenance)
Stamps (Provenance)
Books II (materia medica), III (diseases arranged by part of the body), IV (diseases not specific to particular organs), and V (compound drugs, ointments, and electuaries) of Avicenna's medical encyclopedia. Some marginal notes, beginning in Book III, with more toward the end of the volume; 2 notes in Arabic laid in following f. 144 and f. 275; the last five leaves copied in a second hand.
1. f.1v-56v: [Book II, al-Adwiyah al-mufradah]
2. f.57v-235v: [Book III, al-Amrāḍ al-juzʼīyah]
3. f.236v-329r: [Book IV, Amrāḍ allatī lā takhuṣṣ bi-ʻuḍwin bi-ʻaynih]
4. f.329r-367r: [Book V, al-Adwiyah al-murakkabah]
Ms. codex.
Title for manuscript and section titles supplied by cataloger.
Collation: Paper, i (19th-century?) + 367; 46 gatherings alternating between 6 leaves and 10 leaves, with the last gathering lacking one leaf; [1-367], modern foliation in pencil, upper left recto. Catchword on each leaf, lower left verso.
Layout: Written in 31 long lines, with names of medicines and ailments written in the margins.
Script: Written in naskh script, except for the final leaves written in nastaʻlīq script (f. 362r-367r).
Decoration: Significant words and phrases in red ink; names of medicines and ailments in red ink in the margins corresponding to words in red in the text.
Binding: Possibly 19th-century Indian leather; stamped central mandorla with four pendants on the vertical axis all with green paper onlays; pink paper pastedowns.
Origin: Copy of book III completed at the end of Ṣafar A.H. 989 (April 1581) (f. 235v).
Local notes:
Lawrence J. Schoenberg & Barbara Brizdle Manuscript Initiative.
Penn Provenance:
Possible ownership seal (f. 95r) and inscriptions (f. 1r).
Sold by Sam Fogg Ltd. (London) to Lawrence J. Schoenberg, Oct. 2001.
Deposit by Lawrence J. Schoenberg and Barbara Brizdle, 2012.
Gift of Barbara Brizdle Schoenberg, 2016.
Cited in:
Described in Transformation of knowledge: early manuscripts from the collection of Lawrence J. Schoenberg (London: Paul Holberton, 2006), p. 81 (LJS 427).
Cited as:
UPenn LJS 427.
Schoenberg, Lawrence J., former owner.
Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Adwiyah al-mufradah.
Amrāḍ al-juzʼīyah.
Amrāḍ allatī lā takhuṣṣ bi-ʻuḍwin bi-ʻaynih.
Adwiyah al-murakkabah.
ادوية المفردة.
امراض الجزئية.
امراض التي لا تخص بعضو بعينه.
ادوية المركبة.