I primi cinque canti d'Heliodoro / di M. Hieronomo Bossi, gentil'huomo milanese.

Bosso, Girolamo.
Other Title:
Primi cinqve canti d'Heliodoro
In Milano : Per Giovann' Antonio Borgio, l'anno MDLVII [1557]
76 leaves ; 21 cm (4to)
o.o; a.a, EdCh (3) 1557 (R)
Place of Publication:
Italy Milano.
First and only edition of Bosso's poem narrating the love affair of Eliodoro, a young prince of Austria, with Marfisa, from which happy union sprang the origins of the House of Hapsburg. In tone, it is extremely anti-Protestant and anti-French, and is generally regarded to be a precursor of Bosso's longer poem, La genealogia della gloriosissima casa d'Austria, published in Venice three years later.
Imprint from colophon, which reads: "In Milano per Giovann' Antonio Borgio, L'anno MDLVII."
Signatures: A-I⁸ K⁴.
Woodcuts: large device of the Accademia dei Fenicii on title page, repeated on verso of last leaf of text, featuring a phoenix rising from the flames, within elaborate cartouche adorned with figures, grotesques, and fruit, and entwined with ribbons bearing motto "Interiora vigent" (see D.E. Rhodes, Studies in early Italian printing (London: Pindar Press, 1982), p. 127, footnote 8); large white historiated initials.
Printed in large italic type; poetry arranged in eight-line stanzas, three stanzas per page.
Errata: [1] leaf bound in at end, following leaf K4.
Not in Adams.
Local notes:
Culture Class Collection copy bound in full limp parchment.
Cited in:
BM STC Italian, 1465-1600, p. 122
EDIT 16 CNCE 7238
Borgo, Giovanni Antonio, printer.
Accademia dei Fenicii.
Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Italian Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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