Non[us] Alma[n]sor[is] cu[m] an[n]otatio[n]ib[us] Doctor[is] [S?] [manuscript] : varia alia opuscula.

Mellarinus, Johannes, compiler.
[Bologna], 1500-1501.
573 leaves : paper ; 208 x 146 mm. bound to 208 x 165 mm.

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Università di Bologna.
Medicine -- Early works to 1800.
Medicine -- Study and teaching -- 16th century.
Manuscripts, Latin -- 16th century.
Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Latin, with one work in German (f. 167r-167v).
Polish student of Bolognese professor and physician Giovanni Garzoni, at the university in Bologna and possibly also the academy at Garzoni's home (f. 158r).
Extensive collection of medical texts compiled in 1500-1501 during medical studies in Bologna. Contents include copies of texts in the medical curriculum, the most substantial being al-Rāzī's Nonus Almansoris and Avicenna's Canon, and at least one, Paolo Bagellardo's Libellus de egritudinibus infancium, copied from a printed edition. Lists of prescriptions dated 1477 to 1501 also present. Marginal commentary and notes and interlinear glosses and annotations. Numerous smaller leaves bound in, especially in the sections concerning prescriptions.
1. f.1r: [Added list of works in volume]
2. f.3r-4v: [Table of contents for al-Rāzī's Nonus Almansoris]
3. f.6r: Consilium / de Bartholomei de Montagnana de regimine de preservativo de pestilencia.
4. f.12r-160v: Nonus Almansoris cum annotationibus, 1501 / [Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Zakarīyā al-Rāzī, foliated 1-32, [i], 33-74, [i], 75-134, [i], 135-138, [i], 139-145]
5. f.161r-161v: Cura morbi gallici / experta a fratre Nicolao de Polonia [foliated 146]
6. f.161v-166v: De curatione lepre elefantire [foliated 146-151]
7. f.167r-167v: Aqua vite de qua fit mentio in Regimine pestilenciali / cuiusdam magistri Phillippi Kolmacher de Egra [in German, foliated 152]
8. f.170r-193v: Consilia Nicoli Florentini de curatione febrium, 1501.
9. f.195r-200r: [Table of contents for Avicenna's Canon, Fen 1-Fen 22]
10. f.201r: [Table of contents for Paolo Bagellardo's Libellus de egritudinibus infancium]
11. f.203r-370r: [Canon / Avicenna, foliated 1-128 with numerous inserted leaves and duplicate numbers]
12. f.370v-375r: [Prescriptions and consilia, foliated 128-133]
13. f.376r-402v: Libellus de egritudinibus infancium / per magistrum Paulum Bagellardum a Flumine editus, 1500 [foliated 1-27]
14. f.403r-408v: De proportionibus medicinarum et de modo investigandi complexiones earum / Gentilis de Fulgineo [first leaf foliated 28]
15. f.409r-422v: Recepte per magistrum de Baveriis ordinate in variis egritudinibus, 1477-1478.
16. f.423r-447v: [Recepte] / per magistrum Nicolaum de Fabris.
17. f.448r-462r: Ordinata / per magistrum Baverium de Baveriis.
18. f.462v-468v: Ordinata / per magistrum Nestorem Morandum, civem Bononiensem, 1495.
19. f.469r-497v: Recepte / magistri Stephani de Mediolano medici excellentissimi practicantis in urbe Bononiensi, anno Domini 1486.
20. f.497v-543r: Practica curativa a capite usque ad [?] / a magistro Ludovico de Leonibus, lectore Bononiensi, anno 1501.
21. f.546v-560v: De antidotis particularibus et appropriatis membris / [Guy de Chauliac]
22. f.561r-573v: Collecta ex antidotario / Bartholomei Montagnane.
Ms. codex.
Title from spine.
Foliation: Paper, 573; [i-xi], 1-32, [i], 33-74, [i], 75-134, [i], 135-138, [i], 139-154, [i-xxxiii], 1-2, [i], 3-6, [i], 7-9, 9-15, 15-19, 19-22, [i], 23-27, [i], 28-29, [i], 30-31, 31-34, 34-38, 38-41, [i], 42, 42-44, 44-45, [i], 46, 46-47, [i], 48-50, [i], 51-54, [55], 56-60, 60-62, [i], 63, [i], 64-66, [i], 67-70, 70-72, [i], 73-74, [i], 75, [i], 76, [i], 77-78, 78-79, 79-80, 80-83, [i], 84, [i], 85-86, [i], 87, [i], 88-91, [i], 92-95, [i], 96-99, [i], 100-107, [i], 108-113, 113-117, [i], 118-133, 1-28, [29-197], several component items with independent early foliation in ink, in a combination of roman and arabic numerals, upper right recto. References in this record are to modern foliation and include the smaller leaves bound in.
Layout: Nonus Almansoris (f. 12r-160v) written in up to 20 long lines in a larger script, with interspersed sections of commentary and interlinear and marginal notes in a smaller script; other works vary.
Script: Written in hybrid script by Johannes Mellarinus (f. 193v, 402v).
Decoration: 2- and 3-line initials in faint red in some texts; rubrication and some marginal notes in faint red.
Binding: Contemporary (early 16th-century) parchment; title written on spine in ink.
Origin: Written in Bologna (f. 158r, 193v, 402v) in 1500 (f. 402v) and 1501 (f. 158r, 193v, 497v).
Local notes:
Lawrence J. Schoenberg & Barbara Brizdle Manuscript Initiative.
Penn Provenance:
Sold by Martayan Lan (New York), cat. 28 (2001), no. 157, to Lawrence J. Schoenberg.
Deposit by Lawrence J. Schoenberg and Barbara Brizdle, 2012.
Cited in:
Described in Transformation of knowledge: early manuscripts from the collection of Lawrence J. Schoenberg (London: Paul Holberton, 2006), p. 90 (LJS 424).
Cited as:
LJS 424
Garzoni, Giovanni, 1419-1505.
Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Rāzī, Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Zakarīyā, 865?-925?. Kitāb al-Manṣūrī. Latin
Montagnana, Bartolomeo, fl. 1422-1460. Consilium de regimine preservativo a pestilencia.
Montagnana, Bartolomeo, fl. 1422-1460. Collecta ex antidotario.
Falcucci, Niccolò, d. 1411 or 12. Consilia de curatione febrium.
Bagellardo, Paolo, d. 1492? Libellus egritudinibus infantium.
Gentilis Fulginas, d. 1348. De proportionibus medicinarum et de modo investigandi complexiones earum.
Baveriis, Baverius de. Recepte.
Morandus, Nestor. Ordinata.
Guy, de Chauliac, ca. 1300-1368. De antidotis particularibus et appropriatis membris.