Quantum dots : optics, electron transport, and future applications / edited by Alexander Tartakovskii.

Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
xviii, 358 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Quantum dots.
"A comprehensive review of cutting-edge solid state research, focusing on its prominent example - quantum dot nanostructures, this book features a broad range of techniques for fabrication of these nano-structured semiconductors and control of their quantum properties. Written by leading researchers, the book considers advanced III-V and II-VI semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) realized by self-assembly, lithography and chemical synthesis; novel QD structures in nanowires and graphene; and transport and optical methods for control of single QDs"-- Provided by publisher.
I. Nanostructure design and structural properties of epitaxially grown quantum dots and nanowires. 1. Growth of III-V semiconductor quantum dots / C. Schneider, S. Höfling and A. Forchel
2. Single semiconductor quantum dots in nanowires: growth, optics, and devices / M.E. Reimer ... [et al.]
3. Atomic-scale analysis of self-assembled quantum dots by cross-sectional scanning, tunneling microscopy, and atom probe tomography / J.G. Keizer and P.M. Koenraad
II. Manipulation of individual quantum states in quantum dots using optical techniques
4. Studies of the hole spin in self-assembled quantum dots using optical techniques / B.D. Gerardot and R.J. Warburton
5. Resonance fluorescence from a single quantum dot / A.N. Vamivakas ... [et al.]
6. Coherent control of quantum dot excitons using ultra-fast optical techniques: the role of acoustic phonons / A.J. Ramsay and A.M. Fox
7. Holes in quantum dot molecules: structure, symmetry, and spin / M.F. Doty and J.I. Climente
III. Optical properties of quantum dots in photonic cavities and plasmon-coupled dots. 8. Deterministic light-matter coupling with single quantum dots / P. Senellart
9. Quantum dots in photonic crystal cavities / A. Faraon ... [et al.]
10. Photon statistics in quantum dot micropillar emission / M. Assmann and M. Bayer
11. Nanoplasmonics with colloidal quantum dots / V.V. Temnov and U. Woggon
IV. Quantum dot nano-laboratory: magnetic ions and nuclear spins in a dot. 12. Dynamics and optical control of an individual Mn spin in a quantum dot / L. Besombes ... [et al.]
13. Optical spectroscopy of InAs/GaAs quantum dots doped with a single Mn atom / O. Krebs and A. Lemaître
14. Nuclear spin effects in quantum dot optics / B. Urbaszek ... [et al.]
V. Electron transport in quantum dots fabricated by lithographic techniques from III-V semiconductors and graphene. 15. Electrically controlling single spin coherence in semiconductor nanostructures / Y. Dovzhenko ... [et al.]
16. Theory of electron and nuclear spins in III-V semiconductor and carbon-based dots / H. Ribeiro and G. Burkard
17. Graphene quantum dots: transport experiments and local imaging / S. Schnez ... [et al.]
VI. Single dots for future telecommunications applications. 18. Electrically operated entangled light sources based on quantum dots / R.M. Stevenson, A.J. Bennett and A.J. Shields
19. Deterministic single quantum dot cavities at telecommunication wavelengths / D. Dalacu ... [et al.].
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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