Cooperation and its evolution / edited by Kim Sterelny ... [et al.].

Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2013.
Life and mind.
Life and mind: philosophical issues in biology and psychology
vii, 577 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Evolution (Biology) -- Philosophy.
Evolutionary psychology.
The evolution of individualistic norms / Don Ross
Timescales, symmetry, and uncertainty reduction in the origins of hierarchy in biological systems / Jessica C. Flack ... [et al.]
On depending on fish for a living, and other difficulties of living sustainably / Hanna Kokko and Katja Heubel
Life in interesting times : cooperation and collective action in the Holocene / Kim Sterelny
The birth of hierarchy / Paul Seabright
Territoriality and loss aversion : the evolutionary roots of property rights / Herbert Gintis
Cooperation and biological markets : the power of partner choice / Ronald Noë and Bernhard Voekl
False advertising in biological markets : partner choice and the problem of reliability / Ben Fraser
MHC-mediated benefits of trade : a biomolecular approach to cooperation in the marketplace / Haim Ofek
What we don't know about the evolution of cooperation in animals / Deborah M. gordon
Task partitioning : is it a useful concept? / Adam G. Hart
Cooperative breeding in birds : toward a richer conceptual framework / Andrew Cockburn
Why the proximate-ultimate distinction is misleading, and why it matters for understanding the evolution of cooperation / Brett Calcott
Emergence of a signaling network with probe and adjust / Brian Skyrms and Simon M. Huttegger
Bacterial social life : information processing characteristics and cooperation coevolve / Livio Riboli Sasco, François Taddei, and Sam Brown
Two modes of transgenerational information transmission / Nicholas Shea
What can imitation do for cooperation? / Cecilia Heyes
The role of learning in punishment, prosociality, and human uniqueness / Fiery Cushman
Our pigheaded core : how we became smarter to be influenced by other people / Hugo Mercier
Altruistic behaviors from a developmental and comparative perspective / Felix Warneken
Culture-gene evolution, large-scale cooperation, and the shaping of human social psychology / Maciek Chudek, Wanying Zhao, and Joseph Henrich
Suicide bombers, weddings, and prison tattoos : an evolutionary perspective on subjective commitment and objective commitment / Daniel M.T. Fessler and Katinka Quintelier
Communicative functions of shame and guilt / June P. Tangney ... [et al.]
Moral disgust and the tribal instincts hypothesis / Daniel R. Kelly
Evolution, motivation, and moral beliefs / Matteo Mameli
The many moral nativisms / Richard Joyce.
"A Bradford book."
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Sterelny, Kim.
9780262018531 (hardcover : alk. paper)
0262018535 (hardcover : alk. paper)
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