Evolution's empress : Darwinian perspectives on the nature of women / edited by Maryanne L. Fisher, Justin R. Garcia, Rosemarie Sokol Chang.

New York : Oxford University Press, [2013]
xix, 485 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Women -- Psychology.
Sex differences (Psychology).
Evolutionary psychology.
Human evolution.
Women's Intrasexual Competition for Mates / Maryanne L. Fisher
The Tangled Web She Weaves: The Evolution of Female-female Aggression and Status-seeking / Laurette Liesen
Getting by with a Little Help From Friends: The Importance of Social Bonds for Female Primates / Liza R. Moscovice
A Sex-Neutral Theoretical Framework for Making Strong Inferences about the Origins of Sex Roles / Patricia Adair Gowaty
Mothers, Traditions, and the Human Strategy to Leave Descendants / Kathryn Coe and Craig T. Palmer
Maternal Effect and Offspring Development / Nicole M. Cameron and Justin R. Garcia
The Evolution of Flexible Parenting / Lesley Newson and Peter J. Richerson
Human Attachment Vocalizations and the Expanding Notion of Nurture / Rosemarie Sokol Chang
Fathers versus Sons: Why Jocasta Matters / Laura Betzig
Women's Health at the Crossroads of Evolution and Epidemiology / Chris Reiber
Fertility: Life History and Ecological Aspects / Bobbi S. Low
Reproductive Strategies in Female Post Generative Life / Johannes Johow, Eckart Voland, and Kai Willfuhr
Now or Later: Peripartum Shifts in Female Sociosexuality / Michelle Escasa-Dorne, Sharon M. Young, and Peter Gray
Sexual Conflict in White-faced Capuchins: It's Not Whether You Win or Lose / Linda Fedigan and Katharine M. Jack
The Importance of Female Choice: Evolutionary Perspectives on Constraints, Expressions, and Variations in Female Mating Strategies / David A. Frederick, Tania A. Reynolds, and Maryanne L. Fisher
Swept off Their Feet? Females' Strategic Mating Behavior as a Means of Supplying the Broom / Christopher J. Wilbur and Lorne Campbell
Sex and Gender Differences in Communication Strategies / Elisabeth Oberzaucher
A New View of Evolutionary Psychology Using Female Priorities and Motivations / Tami Meredith
From Reproductive Resource to Autonomous Individuality? Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre / Nancy Easterlin
The Empress's Clothes / Julie Seaman
Consuming Midlife Motherhood: Cooperative Breeding and the 'Disestablishment' of the Biological Clock / Michele Pridmore-Brown
The Quick and the Dead: Gendered Agency in the History of Western Science and Evolutionary Theory / Leslie L. Heywood.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Fisher, Maryanne.
Garcia, Justin R., 1985-
Chang, Rosemarie Sokol.
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