Beyond regulatory compliance : making safety second nature.

College Station, Tex. : George Bush Presidential Conference Center, 1999.
613 p. : charts, tables, photographs ; 28 cm.
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Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center Symposium (1999 : College Station, Tex.) Proceedings.

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Making safety second nature
Safety measuresxChemistry.
Accidents -- Prevention.
Benchmarking (Management).
Track 1. Development and application of accident history database
Lessons learned in developing a lessons learned database / Mart Clancy
Accident severity index / David Leggett
Chemical process safety: Learning from case histories / Roy Sanders
Accident history database analysis
Use of accident databases for the systematic evaluation of chemical accidents /Eboni McCray and Sam Mannan
Advances in design of emergency relief systems
Mitigate the hazards of emergency atmospheric venting by steam injection / Vic Edwards ... [et al.]
Emergency relief design guidelines for reactive chemicals /Hans Fauske
Use of reactive chemicals data for relief valve analysis / Jeff Birdwell
Reactive chemicals I
Thermal runaway reaction studies / Liz Cisneros, William Rogers, and Sam Mannan
Further calorimetric evaluation of polymer/oligomer decomposition / Marc Levin
Reactive chemical screening - A widespread weak link? / Jasbir Singh
Reactive chemicals II
Advanced reactive system screening tool /Jim Burelbach
Spontaneous combustible substances, a database update / Harry West and Sam Mannan
Track II
Abnormal situation management
The three dimensions of surety; reliability, safety, and security / John Crawford
21st century land warrior technology for the 21st century refinery operator abnormal situation management and the digital battlefield / Ian Nimmo
Regulations, standards, and safety instrumented systems/ Angela Summers
Inherently safer design
elimination program / Jeff Caplan
Track III
Hazard assessment
Real-time modeling during emergency situations - is this a good idea? / John Cornwell
Advances in accurate predictions of atmospheric dispersion / Jerry Havens
The next generation of hazard assessment protocols / Mike Sawyer
Impact od small business incidents on the chemical industry
Practical process safety programs for small enterprises / Lester Wittenberg and Martin Clancy
Evaluating the use of third parties to measure process safety management in small firms / Pat McNulty and Lecon Shaller
Process safety for the small business / Bud Slye
Benchmarking process safety programs
Benchmarking process safety programs / John Noronha
Practical approaches to EH&S benchmarking / John Stephens
Use automated systems - the benchmark for emrgency response systems / Al Slap
Process safety issues in the high-tech industry
Development of performance-based protection standards from recent FMRC research on the hazards of silane releases / Franco Tamanini
TI's worldwide safety operations: a micrososm of process safety issues / Greg Durham
The S2 equipment standards and safety standards for the semiconductor industry / Richard Gartman Chemical safety in transportation
Risk assessment and emergency management information tools for planning and real-time applications / Mark Abkowitz
Issues related to ratcheting-fatigue of piping components / Tasnim Hasan
Case studies on transportation safety / Lisa Bendixen, Arthur D. Little.
Incorporating inherently safer design practices in process hazard analysis / David Moore
Common sense approaches to inherently safer design / Danny White
Inherently safer design in plant layout and facility siting / Quentin Baker and John F. Murphy
Human factors/human factors engineering
Murphy's law in relationship to chemical process safety / Dennis Hendershot
Identifying the underlying system-based causes of human errors in major chemical incidents / Bill Hoyle
Integrating ergonomics with process engineering / Josh Kerst
Application of expert systems, software and information management in chemical safety
Expert systems in abnormal situation and production management applications / Jack Stout
Performance measurement of process safety management systems / Bob Perry and Martin Clancy
Real time information management to increase productivity in industrial plants / Osvaldo Bascur
Equipment failure and chemical safety
Inspection program to insure mechanical integrity of pressure retaining equipment / Jack Buller
Linking engineering standards with process safety management systems / Ian Sutton
A significant event.