Radiocarbon and the chronologies of ancient Egypt / edited by Andrew J. Shortland and C. Bronk Ramsey.

Oxford, UK : Oxbow Books, 2013.
p. cm.
Egypt -- History -- To 332 B.C.
Egypt -- History -- To 332 B.C. -- Chronology.
Radiocarbon dating -- Egypt.
Egypt -- Antiquities.
I. Introduction
1. Establishing chronology in Pharaonic Egypt and the ancient Near East: interlocking textual sources relating to c. 1600-664 BC / K. A. Kitchen
2. An introduction to Egyptian historical chronology / A. J. Shortland
3. Using radiocarbon evidence in Egyptian chronological research / C. Bronk Ramsey
II. Radiocarbon dating methodology
4. Sample selection for radiocarbon dating / F. Brock and M. W. Dee
5. Preparing samples for AMS radiocarbon dating / F. Brock
6. Investigating the accuracy of radiocarbon dating in Egypt: checks with samples of known age / M. W. Dee
III. The New Kingdom
7. A radiocarbon-based chronology for the New Kingdom / M. W. Dee
8. Antagonisms in historical and radiocarbon chronology / M. Bietak
9. Radiocarbon data for Aegean pottery in Egypt: new evidence from Saqqara (Lepsius) tomb 16 and its importance for Lm IB/LH IIA / F. Höflmayer, A. Hassler, W. Kutschera and E.M. Wild
10. Radiocarbon calibration in the mid to later 14th century BC and radiocarbon dating Tell el-Amarna, Egypt / S. W. Manning, B. Kromer, M. W. Dee, M. Friedrich, T. F. G. Higham and C. Bronk Ramsey
11. The Ramesside period: a case of overstretch? / A. Dodson
12. Garlands from the Deir el-Bahri cache / S. McAleely
13. New radiocarbon dates for the 21st dynasty / J. H. Taylor
IV. The Middle Kingdom
14. A radiocarbon-based chronology for the Middle Kingdom / M. W. Dee
15. Correlating and combining Egyptian historical and southern Levantine radiocarbon chronologies at Middle Bronze Age IIA Tel Ifshar, Israel / E. S. Marcus
V. The Old Kingdom and early Dynastic period
16. A radiocarbon-based chronology for the Old Kingdom / M. W. Dee
17. Radiocarbon dates for the Old Kingdom and their correspondences / M. Bárta
18. Early Dynastic Egyptian chronologies / E. C. Köhler
19. Problems and possibilities for achieving absolute dates from prehistoric and early historic contexts / J. M. Rowland.
Includes bibliographical references.
Shortland, Andrew J.
Bronk Ramsey, Christopher.
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