Morocco 1:50,000 / War Office, GSGS.

Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical Section.
Other Title:
Later version has standard map series designation: [Series] P732
1st ed.
[London] : War Office, 1941-
GSGS (Series) ; 4233.
Geographical Section, General Staff ; no. 4233
Government document
maps : col. ; 60 x 51 cm.
Scale 1:50,000. 1.267 in. to 1 mile (W 8°45ʹ--W 1°45ʹ/N 35°00ʹ--N 32°00ʹ).
Cartographic Data:
Scale 1:50,000. 1.267 in. to 1 mile (W 8°45ʹ--W 1°45ʹ/N 35°00ʹ--N 32°00ʹ).
Morocco -- Maps.
Transportation -- Morocco -- Maps.
Topographic maps.
Military maps.
Map series.
Chemaia-Louis Gentil, sheet 29-IV-1b
Ganntour, sheet 29-IV-2a
Ras el Aïn, sheet 29-V-4c
Melgou, sheet 29-V-4d
Oulad, sheet 29-VI-1d
Azemmour, sheet 29-X-2c
Sidi Bordja, sheet 29-X-2d
Foucauld, sheet 29-XI-1a
Settat, sheet 29-XI-1b
Ber Rechid, sheet 29-XI-1d
Ben Ahmed, sheet 29-XI-2a
Oulad Ziane, sheet 29-XI-2c
Bir Jedid Chavent, sheet 29-XI-3a+1c
Fedala, sheet 29-XI-4a
Boulhaut, sheet 29-XI-4b
Bouznika, sheet 29-XI-4d
Sidi Bettache, sheet 29-XII-3a
Marchand, sheet 29-XII-3b
Temara, sheet 29-XII-3c
N'Kheïla, sheet 29-XII-3d
Tedders, sheet 29-XII-4a
Tiflèt, sheet 29-XII-4c
Khemisset, sheet 29-XII-4d
Oued Fouarat, sheet 29-XVIII-1b
Port Lyautey (Kenitra), sheet 29-XVIII-1d
Mamora, sheet 29-XVIII-2a
Oued Touirza, sheet 29-XVIII-2b
Sidi Yahia du Gharb, sheet 29-XVIII-2c
Lalla Ito, sheet 29-XVIII-2d
Souk el Arba du Gharb, sheet 29-XVIII-4b
Moulay bou Selham, sheet 29-XVIII-4c
Lalla Mimouna, sheet 29-XVIII-4d
Agouraï, sheet 30-VII-3b
Bataille, sheet 30-VII-3c
El Hajeb, sheet 30-VII-4a
Ifrane, sheet 30-VII-4b
Sebaa Aïoun, sheet 30-VII-4c
Aïn Taoujdat, sheet 30-VII-4d
El Kansera, sheet 30-XIII-1a
Sidi Slimane, sheet 30-XIII-1c
Khemichet sur Ouergha, sheet 30-XIII-1d
Fès-Ouest, sheet 30-XIII-2b
Oulad Aïssa, sheet 30-XIII-2c
Karia-ba-Mohammed, sheet 30-XIII-2d
Mechra bel Ksiri, sheet 30-XIII-3a
Arbaoua, sheet 30-XIII-3c
Sheets republished by Army Map Service starting in 1942; later version redesignated as Series P732.
Map set complete in 64 sheets.
Geographic coverage shows Northwestern Morocco.
Relief shown by contours and spot heights.
"Contours 10 metres interval."
Shows five classes of roads and paths, four classes of railroads, two types of internal boundaries, and various types of vegetation.
Copied from French maps.
Military grid.
Sheets include ancillary diagram: Incidence of grid letters and index to adjoining sheets.
Local notes:
Library map set incomplete; library has 46 sheets. All sheets are 1st ed. (either 1941 or 1943). Library set numbering was simplified to exclude NI shown on some sheets.
Library has index map in map folder.
United States. Army Map Service.