Computer safety, reliability, and security [electronic resource] : SAFECOMP 2012 Workshops: Sassur, ASCoMS, DESEC4LCCI, ERCIM/EWICS, IWDE, Magdeburg, Germany, September 25-28, 2012. Proceedings / Frank Ortmeier, Peter Daniel (eds.)

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Sassur 2012
ASCoMS 2012
IWDE 2012
Springer Computer Science
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2012.
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SAFECOMP (Conference) (2012 : Magdeburg, Germany)
Sassur 2012 (2012 : Magdeburg, Germany)
ASCoMS 2012 (2012 : Magdeburg, Germany)
DESEC4LCCI 2012 (2012 : Magdeburg, Germany)
ERCIM/EWICS 2012 (2012 : Magdeburg, Germany)
International Workshop on Digital Engineering (2012 : Magdeburg, Germany)
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Introduction to Sassur 2012 / Alejandra Ruiz, Tim P. Kelly, Mehrdad Sabetzadeh and Didier Van Den Abeele
AdvoCATE: An Assurance Case Automation Toolset / Ewen Denney, Ganesh Pai and Josef Pohl
Towards a Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Safety Assurance Reuse / Alejandra Ruiz, Ibrahim Habli and Huáscar Espinoza
Modeling for Safety in a Synthesis-Centric Systems Engineering Framework / Jasen Markovski and J. M. van de Mortel-Fronczak
A Model Based Approach for Safety Analysis / Fabien Belmonte and Elie Soubiran
Towards a Model-Based Evolutionary Chain of Evidence for Compliance with Safety Standards / Jose Luis de la Vara, Sunil Nair, Eric Verhulst, Janusz Studzizba and Piotr Pepek, et al.
A New Approach to Assessment of Confidence in Assurance Cases / Xingyu Zhao, Dajian Zhang, Minyan Lu and Fuping Zeng
An Unified Meta-model for Trustworthy Systems Engineering / Eric Verhulst and Bernhard H. C. Sputh
A Preliminary Fault Injection Framework for Evaluating Multicore Systems / Anna Lanzaro, Antonio Pecchia, Marcello Cinque, Domenico Cotroneo and Ricardo Barbosa, et al.
Meeting Real-Time Requirements with Multi-core Processors / Daniel Kästner, Marc Schlickling, Markus Pister, Christoph Cullmann and Gernot Gebhard, et al.
Assessing Software Interference Management When Modifying Safety-Related Software / Patrick J. Graydon and Tim P. Kelly
Introduction to ASCoMS 2012 / António Casimiro and Jörg Kaiser
Towards Dependable and Stable Perception in Smart Environments with Timing and Value Faults / Luís Marques and António Casimiro
An Approach Supporting Fault-Propagation Analysis for Smart Sensor Systems / Sebastian Zug, Tino Brade, Jörg Kaiser and Sasanka Potluri
Use of Quality Metrics for Functional Safety in Systems of Cooperative Vehicles / Kenneth Östberg and Rolf Johansson
From Autonomous Vehicles to Safer Cars: Selected Challenges for the Software Engineering / Christian Berger
Modelling of Safety-Related Timing Constraints for Automotive Embedded Systems / Oscar Ljungkrantz, Henrik Lönn, Hans Blom, Cecilia Ekelin and Daniel Karlsson
Introduction to DESEC4LCCI 2012 / Christian Esposito, Marco Platania and Francesco Brancati
Quantitative Security Evaluation of a Multi-biometric Authentication System / Leonardo Montecchi, Paolo Lollini, Andrea Bondavalli and Ernesto La Mattina
Protecting the WSN Zones of a Critical Infrastructure via Enhanced SIEM Technology / Luigi Romano, Salvatore D'Antonio, Valerio Formicola and Luigi Coppolino
On Securing Communications among Federated Health Information Systems / Mario Ciampi, Giuseppe De Pietro, Christian Esposito, Mario Sicuranza and Paolo Mori, et al.
How Secure Is ERTMS? / Richard Bloomfield, Robin Bloomfield, Ilir Gashi and Robert Stroud
International Cooperation Experiences: Results Achieved, Lessons Learned, and Way Ahead / Craig Gibson, Matteo Melideo, Luigi Romano and Salvatore D'Antonio
A Federated Simulation Framework with ATN Fault Injection Module for Reliablity Analysis of UAVs in Non-controlled Airspace / Magali Andreia Rossi, Jorge Rady de Almeida Junior, Andrea Bondavalli and Paolo Lollini
HSIENA: A Hybrid Publish/Subscribe System / Fabio Petroni and Leonardo Querzoni
WSDM-Enabled Autonomic Augmentation of Classical Multi-version Software Fault-Tolerance Mechanisms / Roeland Dillen, Jonas Buys, Vincenzo De Florio and Chris Blondia
Formal Verification of a Safety Argumentation and Application to a Complex UAV System / Julien Brunel and Jacques Cazin
Electronic Reliability Estimation: How Reliable Are the Results? / Nuno Silva and Rui Lopes
Model-Based Assessment of Multi-region Electric Power Systems Showing Heterogeneous Characteristics / Silvano Chiaradonna, Felicita Di Giandomenico and Nicola Nostro
Introduction to the ERCIM/EWICS Cyberphysical Systems Workshop 2012 / Erwin Schoitsch and Amund Skavhaug
The Cyber-Physical Attacker / Roberto Vigo
Dependable and Secure Embedded Node Demonstrator / Przemysław Osocha, João Carlos Cunha and Fabio Giovagnini
Towards Secure Time-Triggered Systems / Florian Skopik, Albert Treytl, Arjan Geven, Bernd Hirschler and Thomas Bleier, et al.
Towards a Framework for Simulation Based Design, Validation and Performance Analysis of Electronic Control Systems / Alexander Hanzlik and Erwin Kristen
Compiling for Time Predictability / Peter Puschner, Raimund Kirner, Benedikt Huber and Daniel Prokesch
Towards the Automated Qualification of Tool Chain Design / Fredrik Asplund, Matthias Biehl and Frédéric Loiret
A Systematic Elaboration of Safety Requirements in the Avionic Domain / Antoaneta Kondeva, Martin Wassmuth and Andreas Mitschke
Parallel NuSMV: A NuSMV Extension for the Verification of Complex Embedded Systems / Orlando Ferrante, Luca Benvenuti, Leonardo Mangeruca, Christos Sofronis and Alberto Ferrari
Supporting Assurance by Evidence-Based Argument Services / Janusz Górski, Aleksander Jarzębowicz, Jakub Miler, Michał Witkowicz and Jakub Czyżnikiewicz, et al.
Towards Composable Robotics: The R3-COP Knowledge-Base Driven Technology Platform / Erwin Schoitsch, Wolfgang Herzner, Carmen Alonso-Montes, P. Chmelar and Lars Dalgaard
Addressing the Needs of an Aging Population: An Experiment for Monitoring Behaviour in a Domestic Environment / Marte E. B. Skjønsfjell, Aslak R. Normann, Dag Sjong and Amund Skavhaug
Introduction to IWDE 2012 / Veit Köppen and Gunter Saake
Modeling the Effects of Software on Safety and Reliability in Complex Embedded Systems / Max Steiner, Patric Keller and Peter Liggesmeyer
Towards Artificial Perception / André Dietrich, Sebastian Zug and Jörg Kaiser
A Case Study of Radio-Based Monitoring System for Enhanced Safety of Logistics Processes / Michael Soffner, Mykhaylo Nykolaychuk, Friederike Adler and Klaus Richter
Visual Approach Facilitating the Importance Analysis of Component Fault Trees / Yi Yang, Patric Keller and Peter Liggesmeyer
Simulation of Structural Effects in Embedded Systems and Visualization of Dependencies According to an Intended Attack or Manipulation / Sven Kuhlmann, Jana Fruth, Tobias Hoppe and Jana Dittmann
From Discrete Event Simulation to Virtual Reality Environments / Sebastian Nielebock, Frank Ortmeier, Marco Schumann and André Winge
Program Comprehension in Preprocessor-Based Software / Janet Siegmund, Norbert Siegmund, Jana Fruth, Sven Kuhlmann and Jana Dittmann, et al.
International conference proceedings.
Ortmeier, Frank.
Daniel, Peter, 1950-
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