Jews and Muslims in the Islamic world / edited by Bernard Dov Cooperman and Zvi Zohar.

Bethesda, Md. : University Press of Maryland, 2012.
p. cm.
Judaism -- Relations -- Islam.
Islam -- Relations -- Judaism.
Conversion to and from Islam / Khalil Abourabia
The Ghrnati modal system in Moroccan Jewish music / Avi Eilam Amzallag
The emancipation of North African Jewish women: The Alliance israélite universelle / Shalom Bar-Asher
The disputes regarding the Jewish emigration from Morocco, 1956-1961 / Yigal Bin-Nun
Non-urban social encounters between Jews and Muslims in the Ottoman Empire during the 16th through 18th centuries / Leah Bornstein-Makovetsky
Jewish and Muslim houses of prayer: mutual influences / David Cassuto
The moral problem in Islam and its resolution according to the philosophy of Rabbi Yéhouda Léon Askenazi (Manitou) / Yossef Charvit
The rabbi and the mufti against the priest on the missionary activity in Gaza at the beginning of the twentieth century / Yaron Harel
The relations between Judaism and Islam as reflected in the variant texts of the manuscripts about Sol Hachuel of Morocco / Juliette Hassine
Jews and Muslims in France in light of France's Middle Eastern policy, 2000-2006 / Tsilla Hershco
Jewish Muslim relations in nineteenth-century Morocco / Mohammed Kenbib
Jewish Muslim relations : Satmar Hassidim activity in Yemen in the 1980s and 1990s / Yitzhak Mualem
Muslims and Jews in the Sephardic ballad tradition / Hillary Pomeroy
The Jews of al-Andalus : factionalism in the golden age
Jonathan Ray
Revisiting jihad: current Muslim perspectives of peace with Israel / Yitzhak Reiter
Judeo-Islamic sacred soundscapes : the "meqamization" of the eastern Sephardic Jewish liturgy / Edwin Seroussi
Medical relationships between Jews and non-Jews in the Ottoman Empire in pre-modern times according to rabbinic literature : halakhah and reality / Abraham Ofir Shemesh
Islam and Sabbateanism in the chronicle Sefer Divrei Yosef / Shimon Shtober
The Muslim in the folk literature of the Jews of Libya / Rachel Simon
Medieval Jewish culture in Spain: between Islam and Christianity
Yosef Tobi.
Includes bibliographical references.
Zohar, Tsevi.
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