Sacred texts and sacred meanings : studies in biblical language and literature / John F.A. Sawyer.

Sawyer, John F. A.
Sheffield, England : Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2011.
xx, 457 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Hebrew Bible monographs ; 28.
Hebrew Bible monographs, 1747-9614 ; 28

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Bible -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Bible -- Language, style.
Part I. The Bible and its readers
The Bible and its readers
A change of emphasis in the study of the prophets
The original meaning of the text and other legitimate subjects for semantic description
The place of reception history in a postmodern commentary
The contribution of social anthrpology to biblical scholarship
Reading other people's readings of scripture
Combating prejudices about the Bible and Judaism
The Bible in future Jewish-Christian relations
Reading the Book of Job
Ezekiel in the history of Christianity
Encounters with Hebrew in mediaeval Perugia
Biblical alternatives to monotheism
Part II. Reading Isaiah
A Qumran reading of Isaiah 6.13
The meaning of the name 'Immanuel' (7.14)
'Blessed be Egypt, my people' : a commentary on Isaiah 19.16-25
'My secret is with me' (Isaiah 24.16) : semantic links between Isaiah 24-27 and Daniel
Rorate coeli desuper : some Christian interpretations of Isaiah 45.8
Daughter of Zion and servant of the Lord in Isaiah
'I have trodden the wine-press alone' : radical images of YHWH in Isaiah 63
The divine 'here I am' (Hinneni) in Isaiah (52.6 ; 58.9 and 65.1)
Reading Isaiah in the context of death and bereavement
Isaiah and the Jews : some reflections on the church's use of the Bible
Isaiah and Zionism
The gospel according to Isaiah
Part III. Language and imagery
Hebrew terms for the resurrection of the dead
Spaciousness in biblical language about salvation
Types of prayer in the Hebrew Bible
The terminology of the psalm headings
The image of God, the wisdom of serpents and the knowledge of good and evil
Relics of metalworker traditions in Genesis 4
'O sun, be still at Gibeon!' Joshua 10.12-14 and the solar eclipse of 30 September 1131 BCE
King David's treatment of the Ammonites (2 Samuel 12.31)
The ruined house in Ecclesiastes 12.3-5
The role of folk-linguistics in biblical interpretation
The place of Jewish studies in biblical semantics
Root-meanings in Hebrew
Language and religion
Part IV. Short notes
The language of Leviticus
Biblical 'leprosy' and the etymology of SÌ£ara 'at
Barzel in expressions like 'iron yorke' and 'iron chariots
What was a moshia?
'From heaven fought the stars' : a solar eclipse in Judges 5.20?
The brooding partridge in Jeremiah 17.11
'Those priests in Damascus' : anti-sectarian polemic in the Septuagint version of Amos 3.12
Was Jeshua Ben Sira a priest?
Why is solar eclipse mentioned in the passion narrative (Luke 23.45)?
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