Culture, power, and authoritarianism in the Indonesian state : cultural policy across the twentieth-century to the Reform era / by Tod Jones.

Jones, Tod, 1977- author.
Leiden, The Netherlands : Brill, 2013.
xviii, 312 pages ; 25 cm.
Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde ; v. 287.
Southeast Asia mediated ; v. 3.
Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land en Volkenkunde, 1572-1892 ; v. 287
Southeast Asia mediated ; v. 3

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Indonesia -- Cultural policy.
Politics and culture -- Indonesia.
Indonesia -- Politics and government -- 20th century.
Indonesia -- Politics and government -- 1998-.
Authoritarianism -- Indonesia.
"A critical history of cultural policy in one of the world's most diverse nations across the tumultuous twentieth century. It charts the influence of momentous political changes on the cultural policies of successive states, including colonial government, Japanese occupation, the killing and repression of communists, and the return of representative government, and examines broader social changes like nationalism and consumer culture. The book uses the concept of authoritarian cultural policy, or cultural policy that was premised on increased state control, tracing its presence from the colonial era until today. Tod Jones' use of historical and case study chapters captures the central state's changing cultural policies and its diverse outcomes across Indonesia"-- Provided by publisher.
Introduction : the relationship between culture and politics in Indonesia
The dangers of cultural research
Culture in research on the State
The problems of a Patrimunial approach to cultural Policy
The State in cultural research
Foucault, the state and policy
Discourses and culturalities
Cultural policy perspectives
Positions and issues for analysis of Indonesian cultural policy : culturalities in a postcolonial location
Two postcolonial cultural policy tools : authoritarian cultural policy and command culture
Structure and approach
A short history of Indonesian cultural policy
The genesis of modern cultural policy in Indonesia : culture and Government in the Late Colonial and Japanese
Occupation periods, 1900-1945
Late Colonial rule in the East Indies (1900-1942)
Cultural policy for Europeans
Cultural policy for Indonesians
Cultural debates amongst the nationalists in the 1930s
Cultural policy and a cultural Polemic
Cultural Policy during the Japanese occupation
The occupying Japanese cultural policy infrastructure
Japanese cultural policy's impacts and effects
From cultural regulation to cultural leadership : the changing uses of culture in constitutional democracy (1950-1957) and guided democracy (1957-1965)
Politics and governance after the war of independence
Policy and culture during constitutional democracy
Cultural policy debates in four cultural conventions
Cultural policy during constitutional democracy
Policy and culture during guided democracy
The cultural Office during guided democracy
Non-government arts organizations
The new order as a 'cultural process' : national culture under an Authoritarian Regime
Historical background : the political climate of the early new order period
Culture in the new order Regime's rationality of government
The new order Regime's political discourses and strategies
The Pan-Indonesian arts community and the new order Regime
Indigenous ethnic cultures
Responses to changing social conditions and political imperatives in the 1980s and 1990s
New order cultural institutions and programmes : cultural development in a powerhouse State
Cultural policy trends and influences
Policy making : funding programmes, appointing Officials
International connections
Cultural policy sectors : archaeology, museums, history
Cultural policy sectors : languages policy
Cultural policy sectors : arts policy
Command culture, the Authoritarian State and cultural policy
Cultural policy in the reform era : ethnic identity, decentralization and tourism
Political change in the reform era
Immediate impact of reformasi : winding back State control of the arts
Decentralization and the growing importance of ethnic and local identity politics
Structural change and resistance in the directorate of culture
Cultural policy in decentralized Indonesia : the characteristics of regional diversity
The new public morality in Indonesia
Cultural policy in the reform era
Cultural policy case studies
The diverse outcomes of centrally administered culture : cultural parks and arts councils in the new order and reform eras
The cultural parks
Programmes in the cultural parks
Uniformity and diversity within the cultural parks
Decentralization and the cultural parks
The arts councils : from Jakarta to the regions
Regional arts councils : Riau
Regional arts councils : West Java
Assessing the arts councils
Conclusion : uniformity, diversity and the importance of local support
Making local culture national : cultural management, State publications and local cultures
State-run cultural research and publications
Locating local culture
The new order text : acehnese marriage as a national
Cultural Ritual
The new order text : State research methods for local culture
The new order text : controlling cultural difference
The new order text : development priorities and acehnese
Marriage Adat
The reformasi text : Yogyakarta, cultural heritage and the child-citizen
The reformasi text : Learning within the cultural sphere
Conclusion : the continuing and changing construction of local culture
Conclusion : Indonesia's cultural policy Journey
Understanding the cultural policies of postcolonial polities
A cultural policy research framework for Indonesia
Includes bibliographical references (pages [279]-297) and index.
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