In the world interior of capital : for a philosophical theory of globalization / Peter Sloterdijk ; translated by Wieland Hoban.

Sloterdijk, Peter, 1947-, author.
Standardized Title:
Weltinnenraum des Kapitals. English
Cambridge : Polity press, 2013.
Cambridge Polity Press, [2013]
viii, 308 pages ; 23 cm.
Globalization -- Philosophy.
Machine generated contents note: First Part On the Emergence of the World System
1.Of Grand Narratives
2.The Wandering Star
3.Return to Earth
4.Globe Time, World Picture Time
5.Turn from the East, Entrance into the Homogeneous Space
6.Jules Verne and Hegel
7.Waterworld: On the Change of the Central Element in the Modern Age
8.Fortuna, or: The Metaphysics of Chance
10.Delusion and Time: On Capitalism and Telepathy
11.The Invention of Subjectivity - Primary Disinhibition and Its Advisers
12.Irreflexive Energies: The Ontology of the Headstart
13.Nautical Ecstasies
14.`Corporate Identity' on the High Seas, Parting of Minds
15.The Basic Movement: Money Returns
16.Between Justifications and Assurances: On Terran and Maritime Thought
17.Expedition and Truth
18.The Signs of the Explorers: On Cartography and Imperial Name Magic
19.The Pure Outside
20.Theory of the Pirate: The White Terror
Contents note continued: 21.The Modern Age and the New Land Syndrome Americanology 1
22.The Five Canopies of Globalization: Aspects of European Space Exportation
23.The Poetics of the Ship's Hold
24.Onboard Clerics: The Religious Network
25.The Book of Vice-Kings
26.The Library of Globalization
27.The Translators
Second Part The Grand Interior
28.Synchronous World
29.The Second Ecumene
30.The Immunological Transformation: On the Way to Thin-Walled `Societies'
31.Believing and Knowing: In hoc signo (sc. globi) vinces
33.The Crystal Palace
34.The Dense World and Secondary Disinhibition: Terrorism as the Romanticism of the Pure Attack
35.Twilight of the Perpetrators and the Ethics of Responsibility: The Cybernetic Erinyes
36.The Capitalist World Interior: Rainer Maria Rilke Almost Meets Adam Smith
37.Mutations in the Pampering Space
38.Revaluation of All Values: The Principle of Abundance
Contents note continued: 39.The Exception: Anatomy of a Temptation Americanology 2
40.The Uncompressible, or: The Rediscovery of the Extended
41.In Praise of Asymmetry
42.The Heavenly and the Earthly Left.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Hoban, Wieland, translator.
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