Tiberij Bacilierij Bononiensis lectura in vniuersa[m] Aristotelis & Auer. Dyalecticam facultate[m] quam quidem illa priuatim horis subcisiuis edoce[n]te scolares Ticinenses in vnu[m] redigeru[n]t anno Mccccciii [1503]

Baccilieri, Tiberio, 1461-1511.
Other Title:
Lectura in vniuersa[m] Aristotelis & Auer. Dyalecticam facultate[m]
Papie : P[er] Jacob Burgofra[n]cho : Impensis Aloysij Come[n]sis ac Bartholomei bergome[n]sis socio[rum], anno D[omi]ni 1512 die 5 Maij [5 May 1512]
106, 19, [1] leaves ; 29 cm (fol.)
c*s: s*at tqpe pa&n (3) 1512 (A)
Aristotle. Organon -- Early works to 1800.
Averroës, 1126-1198 -- Early works to 1800.
Dialectic -- Early works to 1800.
Logic -- Early works to 1800.
Place of Publication:
Italy Pavia.
Imprint from colophon.
Printed in double columns.
Previously issued in 1503.
"Io Andree Capreoli Cremone[n]is Carmen:" followed by four lines of verse printed below title.
Bacilieri's commentary on the whole of the Organon with the texts of "Analytica posteriora" (Book 1) and "Sophistici Elenchi" translated by Jacobus de Venetia and Boethius respectively.
Signatures: a-r⁶ s⁴ A-B⁶ C-D⁴ (last leaf blank)
Device of printer Jacob Burgofranco (pseudonym for Giacomo Pocatela) on verso of leaf D3.
Local notes:
Culture Class Collection copy bound with: Tiberij Bacilieri Bononiensis Lectura tres libros De anima & Parua naturalis et in tractatum Auerrois de substantia orbis. Papie : Impressi per Iacob de Paucisdrapis de Burgofra[n]co, anno Domini 1508 die 24 mensis Iulij -- Tiberij Bacilieri Bononiensis Lectura in quatuor libros Aristotelis & Auerrois De celo & mundo.
Culture Class Collection copy with evidence of repairs to first 12 leaves.
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
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Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Greek Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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